Best Reverse Phone Lookup in 2022 – Top 3 Services to Identify Spam & Robocalls

One of the most annoying things that we have to deal with today is getting repeated anonymous phone calls from the same random phone number (or multiple numbers) that we don’t recognize. There are so many people it could be—telemarketers, friends with new numbers, collection agencies, phone scams, or even the person you met at the bar last week.

This is why people are turning to reverse phone lookup sites to learn who it is that’s calling them. While curiosity plays a role here, safety is also a common reason people will use reverse phone lookup services to find out who’s behind the calls.

Because life is probably already hectic enough since you’re receiving unwanted phone calls from unknown numbers, we have taken the stress out of finding the best reverse phone lookup service to use. While there are numerous services out there, the following three are the best.

3 Best Reverse Phone Lookup Services

  1. Intelius – Editor’s Pick
  2. Peoplefinders – Runner Up
  3. Spokeo – Honorable Mention

1. Intelius – Editor’s Pick

With access to over 20 billion public records, Intelius is considered one of the most well-known and respectable reverse phone number lookup services. The company was established in 2002, and since then, they have developed a very large, impressive database and received positive user feedback thanks to the accuracy of its results.

You will find the interface very user-friendly, making it easy to obtain the information you need with a landline or cell phone number. All you need to do is choose the Phone tab that is located directly above the search bar, enter the phone number you would like more information about, and retrieve your results after entering your name and email. A Fast Pass option is available for people who are in a hurry and would like to receive their results in mere seconds, and unlimited searches are available for a monthly fee.

When compared to other reverse phone lookup sites, Intelius is very quick. Its algorithm is designed in such a way that it is faster than many of its competitors, making this phone lookup service an excellent choice when you need access to information regarding a number as quickly as possible.

Intelius provides users with much more than just the name associated with the phone number, as many other details like phone type, current location, address history, related addresses, and more are also provided.

Previous customers are very fond of the customer service team at Intelius and report that they are patient and kind.

Pros of Intelius

  • Unlimited phone number searches
  • Highly secure site
  • Access to a large database of public records
  • User-friendly website
  • User anonymity
  • Accurate and updated lookup reports
  • Fast Pass feature
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Impressive customer support team

Cons of Intelius

  • Additional fees required for detailed reports without a subscription

Best Features

The Fast Pass feature provides users with the ability to receive their results within seconds without having to wait, although the regular wait isn’t long. In addition, Intelius assures customers that its reverse phone lookup service is entirely anonymous, allowing users to rest easy knowing their information is safe.


Intelius offers a Premier and a Premier Plus monthly subscription. The Premier plan is $19.95 per month, while the Premier Plus is $10 more per month. The difference between the two plans is the extent of information within the phone lookup reports.

There is a $0.95 trial period, but if you don’t want to continue your subscription, make sure to cancel before the end of the seven-day period or you’ll be charged.

Final Thoughts

It is clear why Intelius has received the top spot on our list of best reverse phone lookup services. From the company’s accuracy and speed at providing reports to the customer service team’s attentiveness and high customer ratings, Intelius has more than earned the spot for Editor’s Pick.

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2. Peoplefinders – Runner Up

Founded in 1998, Peoplefinders is a reverse phone lookup site that has been in business for more than three decades. The company boasts it has access to information on more than 250 million U.S. adults and that their data is accurate.

Peoplefinders uses first-rate technology to quickly uncover the information that you are seeking. After less than three minutes, users may gain access to phone lookup reports that include name, address, location history, family information, email addresses, evictions, and criminal records.

The company is known for offering its services on multiple devices, allowing users to perform a reverse number lookup from the comfort of their home or while in the vehicle. Further, this company focuses on convenience from the moment you arrive on their website until you leave with an easy-to-read, comprehensive report.

Previous customers praise Peoplefinders for its impeccable customer service team and the thoroughness and accuracy of the reports received. A 100% satisfaction guarantee is offered by Peoplefinders in the event that you are unhappy with their service. Introductory offers are available, allowing customers to take advantage of a month’s service for a fraction of the original cost.

Pros of Peoplefinders

  • Large database
  • Introductory offers available
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Multiple devices supported

Cons of Peoplefinders

  • Limited payment options (Card only)
  • Social media search unavailable

Best Features

Peoplefinders allow users to search by landline or cell phone number, name, and address. Unlike some reverse lookup providers, search by email address is available. In addition, users can search Peoplefinders on its website, by browser extension, or by mobile app. A developer API is even available.


Peoplefinders offers competitive pricing. If a single reverse cell phone lookup search is what you’re looking for, you can pay $1.95 per report. However, for users who plan to conduct numerous searches on a monthly basis, Peoplefinders offers two membership plans: Standard and Premium. The Standard membership is available for $24.95 per month, while the Premium membership costs $29.95 per month.

With the Standard plan, you will gain access to contact information, relatives, aliases, and known associates. By upgrading to the Premium plan, you will gain access to a more comprehensive set of data, including property records, business records, bankruptcies, judgments, liens, assets, and more.

Final Thoughts

Although Peoplefinders does not offer unlimited phone lookup searches like Intelius, it is a solid Runner Up on our best reverse phone lookup sites thanks to the large database and discounts offered, as well as the satisfaction guarantee and high customer ratings.

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3. Spokeo – Honorable Mention

In business since 2006, Spokeo is a large, successful reverse lookup website that has more than 18 million users. It was founded by a group of alumni from Stanford University.

Spokeo reports they draw information from 140 billion different records to ensure its users receive the best possible reverse phone lookup results. Although the service crawls so many records, a report is generated quickly. A progress bar is shown on the screen so you can see how long until your report will be produced.

The privacy of its users is a feature that cannot go unmentioned. Spokeo ensures its users that their information will be kept secure and private, allowing users to rest easy knowing that the subject of their search will not receive any kind of correspondence.

Featured on CBS, CNN, and ABC, Spokeo does offer a free reverse phone lookup site, but it is important to note that the information will be limited. Area Code and Telemarketers databases are available on the website for users to browse for no fee.

Customers praise Spokeo for taking their feedback and actually implementing it, offering advice, producing quick results, and creating an easy-to-use website.

Like the other best reverse phone lookup services in this article, Spokeo offers customers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. So, if for any reason, you are unhappy with the service, a refund will be given after contacting customer service.

Pros of Spokeo

  • Hassle-free, quick service
  • Budget-friendly
  • Downloadable PDF reports
  • Satisfaction guarantee

Cons of Spokeo

  • Some information may be limited

Best Features

Although the pricing of Spokeo is probably its best feature, the website interface is smooth and easy to use. Its database is impressive and consists of billions of different records, including customer records, court records, property records, and social network records.

In addition, Spokeo is known for seeking information from the deep web to ensure users receive as much information as possible based on their phone number search. In fact, it has its own proprietary deep web crawlers, which isn’t surprising since the company was created by Stanford alumni.

Finally, the reverse number lookup provider will offer users updates on previously generated reports. This allows previous users to gain access to information that may have been missed in the initial search.


Spokeo offers plans for single searches and monthly memberships. A single lookup search for a landline or cell phone number generally costs between $0.95 and $1.95, depending on whether there is a promotional offer available at the time. As far as monthly plans go, the one-month membership is $19.95 per month, but if you purchase a three-month membership, you will save money at $14.95 per month.

A free reverse phone lookup option is available, but as mentioned earlier, the data that you will gain access to will be limited. Spokeo also offers a three-month trial at a reduced membership rate.

Final Thoughts

Due to its large database, inexpensive pricing, impressive website interface, and proprietary deep web crawlers, it is clear why Spokeo made the list of our 3 best reverse phone lookup services.

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Best Reverse Phone Lookup: How Did We Determine Our Top 3?

We performed exhaustive research to create this list of the top reverse phone lookup services. We looked at several aspects of these companies to determine which ones were the best. Here are a few things we considered.

  • Customer Feedback – Good or bad, customers like to express their opinions about the services they used. We reviewed customer testimonials and reviews to determine what users most liked about the reverse lookup service, where improvements could be made, and whether the service was recommended.
  • Website Interface – We understand when you use a website you want it to be easy and straightforward. You don’t want to close out of a bunch of pop-ups or deal with an outdated website. Therefore, we selected reverse phone lookup sites that are easy to use and intuitive, providing a hassle-free experience.
  • Turnaround Time – When you are looking up information associated with a traditional landline or cell phone number, there is a good chance that you need the results quickly. You may be working on a deadline, or your life may be in danger. The services we chose offer quick turnaround times, ensuring you don’t have to wait to receive the information you need.
  • Cost – It can be difficult to know whether you are getting the most bang for your buck. For this reason, we evaluated the services you receive and compared them to the fees you pay. The best reverse phone number lookup sites we chose tend to overdeliver.

How to Choose the Right Reverse Phone Lookup Service

Although we have outlined the three best reverse phone lookup providers, there are numerous others out there. To ensure that you are choosing the most appropriate phone lookup service for you and your needs, take the following things into consideration.

Type of Information

Each reverse phone lookup provider will provide different types of information. Therefore, before choosing a service, determine what information you are hoping to achieve from the service. It is important to note that per the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, information received from phone lookup reports can only be used for general use for personal reasons. Landlords, employers, and others are prohibited from using reverse phone lookup services to make hiring, leasing, credit and other business decisions.

Quick Results

More often than not, when you decide to use a reverse phone number lookup service, you want the results pretty quickly. Depending on the situation, such as harassment, time may be of the essence. You need access to the information immediately so you can get in touch with the proper authorities and file a police report. For this reason, select a service that offers a quick turnaround on the requested information.

Satisfied Customers

Check out what other people are saying about each reverse phone search provider you’re considering. It is important to go beyond what is said on the website, as this information is designed to shed a positive light on the company and its services.

Customer reviews, on the other hand, are far more honest. You can learn what people like and don’t like about the company and service. Equipped with this information, you can make a well-informed decision.

Number of Monthly Searches

Before choosing a service, consider the number of searches you think you’ll want to run on a monthly basis. If it is a one-off search and you don’t expect to need to run searches regularly, then a reverse phone lookup free service or a service that offers a free trial may be ideal. However, a premium service may be better if you intend on running dozens or more searches a month.

Ease of Use

When you need information, you want to be able to access it easily. You don’t want to have to go through 100 steps to obtain the information you’re searching for. Therefore, look for a reverse phone lookup site that offers a user-friendly website and the ability to quickly get the needed results.

How Does Reverse Phone Lookup Work?

Reverse phone lookups may seem like a simple service that companies provide, but the steps in creating and maintaining a fully functional and accurate database take time and money.

Reverse phone number search refers to the retrieval of information related to a phone number by scanning various forms of public records, including census records, search engine indexes, yellow and white pages, criminal records, and social media databases. More reputable and efficient lookup services will also scan the dark web and private records.

Therefore, all you need to perform a reverse phone number lookup is a phone number with the area code. Numbers can be for cell phones, landlines, business, or even fax machines.

The information you receive will depend on the provider, the quality of their database, and the amount of money you’re willing to spend. This is often why paid services are better than free reverse phone lookup services. The process should only take minutes before you are presented with personal information related to the phone number you searched.

What Information Can I Get from a Reverse Phone Lookup?

The actual information you can retrieve from a reverse phone lookup service will vary from one service provider to the next. However, as a general rule, here is a look at some of the most basic details you can expect from a phone number lookup report.

Owner of the Phone Number

The most common piece of information you can expect to receive when running a reverse phone number lookup is the name of the person who owns the phone number. You will also gain access to their gender and age. In most cases, this is the information you are seeking to determine who is calling you. However, it isn’t uncommon for the phone lookup report to contain additional information.

Contact Details

Some of the contact information that you may receive includes additional numbers for landlines or cell phones, email addresses, and possibly even public social media profiles.

Location History

The current address of the owner of the phone number you looked up will also be included on a reverse phone number lookup report. Aside from the current address, you will likely gain access to previous addresses, along with the names of individuals who lived with them at that address.

Call Information

It may be possible for the reverse phone number search provider to determine the type of call. For instance, companies may be able to identify whether the phone number is associated with a landline, cell phone, or business. Carrier information is often provided as well.

Possible Relatives

Some phone lookup providers will provide you with the names and contact information of possible relatives of the person you are looking up. This may include people that live in the same household, parents, siblings, and others.

Personal Details

Depending on how detailed the report is, you may also get additional information about the owner of the phone number. This may include current and past employers, estimated income, real estate information, educational background, and even criminal records. You may even be able to access photos of the owner of the number, which can be incredibly helpful in cases of harassment.

More detailed reports with more extensive information may be available, depending on the service you’re using and the plan you’ve purchased.

Aren’t There Free Reverse Phone Lookup Sites?

Yes, there are lots of sites that allow you to look up a phone number for free. Unfortunately, the quality of the data that you obtain will most likely not be as high with free lookup services as opposed to paid ones. There are many reasons for this, including a lack of sufficient database maintenance and potentially inaccurate information.

Further, your anonymity may not be protected with a free reverse phone lookup service, and the time it takes for a report to be generated is much greater than a paid service. Plus, like many free sites, free phone number lookup websites could simply be a front to obtain personal information and may carry viruses.

Many reverse phone lookup sites offer free services along with their paid services. While this is often a better choice than a completely free service, the information that you receive for free will only be a small fraction of the information you could retrieve from a full paid report.

Therefore, it is generally recommended to choose a quality paid reverse phone number lookup service like the three mentioned in this article. This ensures your protection and the retrieval of accurate information.

Why Do People Use Reverse Phone Number Lookup Services?

There are numerous reasons why people may be interested in using a reverse phone number lookup service. If we were to make a list of them all, we would be here all day. Instead, you will find some of the most common reasons people may look for a phone number lookup provider.


Harassment can take place in many forms, but over the phone is often the most common. People will use an unknown number to call or text others. These individuals hide behind the unknown number, assuming that most people will be unfamiliar with how to track the number and them.

However, for users of reverse cell phone lookup services or people who perform a quick search on Google of how to find out who is calling from a certain number, those being harassed can obtain information about the harasser, giving them the opportunity to confront them, contact the police, or take further action if necessary.

Reconnect with Loved Ones

It can be difficult to lose touch with a relative or friend when one of you relocates or gets a new number. If you are unable to contact this person via social media or email, the situation becomes that much more complicated.

However, it is possible to use the phone number that you currently have to gain access to current information for your friend or relative. This is all done with a quality reverse phone number lookup provider. With the information you have, you can retrieve a report that contains the person’s new phone number, location, and even e-mail addresses.


When you notice that your partner is receiving phone calls and text messages late at night from an unknown phone number, you may feel defeated. Rather than confronting your partner in the beginning, a reverse phone lookup provider can help you determine who the caller is, allowing you to decide whether a confrontation is necessary.

Background Check on New People

Although exciting, meeting someone new can be scary and overwhelming. All you have to go on is what this person tells you, so you head to social media to see what you can find and confirm. Unfortunately, nothing comes up.

This is when a reverse phone lookup search can come in handy. With this service, you can confirm the information the person has told you, learn details about the person’s family and employment history, and even access criminal records. With this information, you can make an informed decision about the relationship.

Creditors/Bill Collectors

If you are like most people, you get a dreaded feeling in the pit of your stomach when an unknown number calls your phone. More often than not, it is a bill collector or creditor. Whether you forgot to pay a bill on time or you have an account that entered collections, you can find out who is calling with a phone number lookup service. The information you receive from the report will let you know whether you should answer the phone or not.


Should I Pay for a Reverse Phone Lookup Service?

In today’s day and age, it is nice to get anything you can for free or incredibly cheap. Unfortunately, when it comes to the best reverse phone lookup services, free is not always better. For one, the information you receive is unlikely to be highly accurate. Also, more often than not, when using a free service, you will be provided with very minimal information. In order to gain access to additional information, a fee will need to be paid.

If you have a need or interest in looking up information associated with a phone number, it is in your best interest to choose a reputable paid service.

How Accurate Are Reverse Phone Number Searches?

The accuracy of reverse phone number lookup reports will vary from one provider to the next. It will also heavily depend on the phone number that you provide the service, as some numbers are easier to gain information for than others, including landlines.

Research has shown that between 60 and 80 percent of cell phone numbers will return an information match. The longer a person has had the number, the better the chance of retrieving information related to that number. However, when searching for a prepaid phone number, it is very difficult to gain information related to the number due to the anonymity associated with prepaid phones.

In addition, some providers remain diligent in maintaining up-to-date information, which ensures they’re able to provide users with accurate information when requested.

What Kind of Privacy Concerns Exist with Reverse Phone Lookup Services?

When dealing with anything on the internet, privacy is important. Paid reverse number lookup services whether for landlines or cell phones ensure the privacy of their users by using an encryption program. Unfortunately, free sites don’t guarantee your privacy. One reason for this is due to the lack of proper maintenance and staff.

This can be a dangerous situation, especially if you are being stalked or harassed. The last thing you want or need is to have the person you are searching for be notified of such.

So, as long as you use a service outlined in this article, you can rest assured that your information is secure and the subject of your search will never receive any form of correspondence regarding the search.

What Happens If a Phone Number Can’t Be Found Online?

When an unknown number is calling you, it can literally be anyone. If you have performed a reverse phone lookup search and the search returned no results, you still have options available to you.

If the issue has been occurring for some time, you can file a complaint with the local authorities. Depending on the severity of the case, you may also consult with a lawyer to determine the best course of action moving forward. Although costly, hiring a private investigator may be an option as well to uncover information about the caller.

Is It Legal to Perform a Reverse Phone Number Lookup?

Reverse phone lookups are indeed legal, as long as their use is limited to personal, general use. The Fair Credit Reporting Act prohibits reverse lookups from being used to make decisions regarding tenants, insurance, admission, employment, etc.


The reasons to uncover the owner of a phone number are vast. Whether you are getting overwhelmed with calls from the same number or you are looking for an old friend, the best reverse phone lookup sites provided in this article are your best bet at retrieving accurate information and gaining access to impeccable features at affordable prices.