Best THC Edibles of 2022 – Top 5 THC Infused Products

When it comes to getting the longest-lasting effects of consuming THC, nothing beats edibles. Formulated to be digested and metabolized by the body, edibles are a fantastic way to enjoy THC without having to smoke it.

Popular for their delicious flavors, discreet consumption, and range of potencies, edibles infused with THC are an excellent option for both first-time and experienced cannabis users. But, with the hundreds of hemp edibles available online, it can be tricky to know where to start. Not all edibles are created equal; some are definitely better than others.

To help you find the best THC edibles on the market, we’ve compiled a list of the best options available. Chosen for their taste, potency, and overall effects, these are the best THC edibles money can buy.

Top 5 THC Edibles

  1. CBDistillery – Editor’s Choice: Best THC Edibles 
  2. Diet Smoke – Runner up
  3. TREHouse – Consumer Favorite
  4. Koi CBD – Staff Pick
  5. CBDfx – Honorable Mention

Best THC Edibles

Whether it’s to meet wellness needs or relax after a long day, almost everyone can find a use for gummies. Edible cannabis THC products made from hemp are a great option for those looking to enjoy the benefits of THC in a delicious, convenient, and easy-to-dose format.

1. CBDistillery – Editor’s Choice


  • Made with organic ingredients
  • 60-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Uses non-GMO hemp oil
  • Travel sized container


  • Free delivery only available with subscription orders

About CBDistillery
Formulating a range of hemp-derived cannabis oil products using only the highest quality ingredients, CBDistillery is one of the most popular CBD/cannabis brands on the market today. Lab testing each of their products to ensure safety and efficacy, CBDistillery is committed to providing consumers with only the best CBD and other hemp cannabis products available.

Members of the US Hemp Authority, CBDistillery is constantly working on setting itself apart from the competition by offering a wide range of innovative and effective CBD and THC products at an affordable price point.

With tons of educational resources and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, CBDistillery is an excellent option for those looking to try some of the best hemp-derived THC edibles on the market.

CBDistillery THC-infused edibles
While CBDistillery offers several full-spectrum CBD products that contain THC, none of them compare to the potent dose of THC in the company’s CBD + THC gummies. Made with 5mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC and 25 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, these gummies are a great way to enjoy the benefits of both cannabinoids in one delicious, pre-measured dose.

Naturally flavored with an assortment of red berries, Synergy THC + CBD gummies from CBDistillery also contain organic ingredients such as:

  • Tapioca syrup
  • Terpenes
  • Vegetable juices
  • Organic sugar

By combining THC and CBD in their gummies, CBDistillery has created a product that offers the best of both worlds. These gummies are perfect for those looking to enjoy a precise dose of THC with the added benefits of full-spectrum CBD.

With detailed lab reports available for free on the product page and a 60-day satisfaction guarantee, CBDistillery is a great option for those looking to try some of the best THC-infused edibles on the market.

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2. Diet Smoke – Runner Up


  • Delta-8 and delta-9 THC gummies available
  • Available in two delicious flavors
  • Fat-free
  • Manufactured with nano-emulsion technology


  • May cause positive result on drug test

About Diet Smoke
Diet Smoke is a newcomer to the hemp cannabinoid market. But, in their short time in the industry, they have made a big splash with their line of delta-8 and delta-9 THC gummies. Using only the highest quality ingredients and cutting-edge nano-emulsion technology, Diet Smoke has created a line of hemp cannabis oil products that are second to none.

Committed to providing customers with the safest and most potent products, Diet Smoke lab tests all of its products to ensure quality and efficacy. With tons of ways to save on your first and subsequent orders, Diet Smoke is an excellent option for those looking to try some of the best THC-infused edibles on the market.

Diet Smoke THC-infused edibles
Diet Smoke offers two different types of cannabis edibles: delta-8 and delta-9 gummies. Each comes in a travel-sized resealable tub that contains 30 gummies. 

Delta-9 THC gummies from Diet Smoke contain a full spectrum mix of cannabinoids, including CBD, CNB, and delta-9 THC. With 10mg of THC and 100mg of CBD per gummy, these mango or peach flavored edibles are perfect for those looking for a low to moderate dose of potent CO2-extracted delta-9 THC to meet their wellness needs.

Diet Smoke also sells delta-8 THC gummies. Delta-8 THC is considered a weaker form of THC that is less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia. These gummies come in two delicious flavors, blue raspberry and watermelon, and contain 10mg of delta-8 THC per gummy. 

Like the delta-9 gummies, D8 THC gummies from Diet Smoke are CO2 extracted and come with detailed lab reports that confirm each batch of THC hemp extract is free from:

  • pesticides
  • herbicides
  • heavy metals
  • harmful microbes

Diet Smoke gummies are an excellent choice if you are looking for a fat-free and low-sugar way to get your daily dose of THC.

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3. TREHouse – Consumer Favorite


  • Visual dosing guide on product page
  • Gluten-free
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Numerous 5-star reviews


  • No live chat support
  • Some customers find potency too strong

About TREHouse
Created as an alternative to low-quality hemp cannabis products that claim to be beneficial for wellness, TREHouse is a line of CBD and hemp-based products designed to help you live your best life. TREHouse creates all of its products in the USA using ISO-certified and cGMP-compliant manufacturing processes. This ensures that every batch of product is of the highest quality and potency.

Committed to full transparency, TREHouse provides detailed lab reports for all its products on each individual product page. This lets you see exactly what is in each of the company’s premium hemp-derived cannabis edibles and vapes, and helps with consistent dosage amounts.

TREHouse THC-infused edibles
TREHouse offers a range of potent hemp cannabis edibles containing several different types of THC. All THC levels comply with the 2018 Farm Bill, ensuring that all products are legal in the United States.

The most popular hemp cannabis edibles at TREHouse are the company’s blue raspberry delta 10 THC gummies. Containing 10mg of delta-10 THC, 5mg of delta-9 THC, and 5mg of HHC, these delicious edibles are perfect for those looking for a potent THC experience.

For a less potent option, try the company’s tropical mango delta-8 THC gummies. These edibles contain 20mg of delta-8 THC, 10mg of HHC, 3mg of full-spectrum CBD, and 2mg of THC-O. By combining these particular cannabinoids in a delicious gummy, TREHouse has created an edible that provides a well-rounded THC experience.

Those looking for pure hemp-derived delta-9 THC with a 1:1 ratio of CBD can enjoy TREHouse’s peach pear gummies. Containing 10mg of potent THC and CBD, these edibles are perfect for those seeking balanced THC effects.

Gummies not your thing? TREHouse offers high-potency milk chocolate chip cookies with 20mg of hemp-derived delta-9 THC and 10mg of full-spectrum CBD. With two servings per cookie, this is an excellent option for those who want the most for their money.

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4. Koi CBD – Staff Pick


  • Several flavors to choose from
  • Multiple testing phases
  • Budget-friendly
  • Made from organic hemp


  • Free shipping is not standard on all orders

About Koi CBD
Passionate about setting better quality standards since 2015, Koi CBD uses U.S.-grown hemp to create all of its hemp cannabis products. The company’s oils, gummies, vape juices, and topicals are available in a wide range of potencies and flavors to suit every need and preference.

Koi CBD is committed to bringing you the highest quality CBD possible. As a result, the company’s products go through a multi-phase testing process to ensure they are free of over 100 harmful chemicals and contaminants. You can view the results of these lab tests right on the product page. Members of multiple hemp manufacturing associations and highly rated by customers all over the USA, Koi CBD is a company you can trust to deliver high-quality THC edibles.

Koi CBD THC-infused edibles
Koi CBD offers a range of THC derivatives in edible form. All of the THC derivatives are sourced from hemp using supercritical CO2 extraction methods in order to preserve the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids.

The company’s most popular edibles are its 2:1 CBD + delta-9 THC gummies. Containing 20mg of full-spectrum CBD oil and 10mg of delta-9 THC, these gummies provide a well-rounded experience for those seeking the benefits of both cannabinoids. Available in 20 and 60-count tubs that are light and air-tight, these gummies are perfect for on-the-go use.

Choose from many different flavors, including:

  • Lime
  • Strawberry
  • Watermelon
  • Mango
  • Blue-Razz

Looking for more mellow support for your endocannabinoid system? Consider Koi CBD’s other THC edibles, including:

  • Delta-8 THC gummies
  • Full-spectrum CBD gummies (contains traces of THC)
  • Delta-10 THC gummies
  • THC-O
  • THC-V

No matter which you choose, all of Koi CBD’s THC-infused edibles are sure to offer comprehensive supplemental support for better health and wellness.

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5. CBDfx – Honorable Mention


  • Sativa and indica edibles available
  • Made using cruelty-free practices
  • Solvent-free extraction method
  • Medically formulated and reviewed by in-house specialists


  • Only sells CBD + delta-9 THC combinations

About CBDfx
Providing medically reviewed hemp-derived cannabis products for many years, CBDfx is a leader in the industry. With a knowledgeable team that handles every aspect of the manufacturing process from seed to shelf, this company takes great pride in its end products.

CBDfx only uses the highest quality ingredients and partners with independent laboratories to ensure all of its products are free of harmful chemicals like pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

Offering a range of wellness products that include cannabinoids, psilocybin supplements, and more, this company provides everything needed for better health and wellness.

CBDfx THC-infused edibles
Using solvent-free extraction methods, the company’s edible products come in two forms: vegan, gluten-free gummies, and baked cookies. Each contains a combination of CBD and delta-9 THC.

CBDfx’s high potency gummies are the company’s most popular THC edible product. Formulated by a team with extensive medical and cannabis knowledge, these gummies are perfect for those seeking long-lasting wellness support. CBDfx high-potency gummies contain 10mg of delta-9 THC and 30mg of full-spectrum CBD oil, and are available in a Sativa Magic Melon strain ideal for daytime use.

In addition to Magic Melon THC gummies, CBDfx also offers low-dose sativa and indica gummy options containing 5mg of delta-9 THC and 25mg of potent CBD. All CBD gummies from CBDfx come in resealable bottles with approximately 10-20 servings.

Those not interested in gummies can enjoy low-dose THC cookies from CBDfx. Baked to contain 5mg of delta-9 THC and 10mg of CBD per serving, these rainbow sprinkle cookies are a delicious way to consume cannabinoids for effective stimulation of CB1 and CB2 receptors in the endocannabinoid system. Free from dairy and egg products, the THC cookies are also suitable for many dietary needs. For CBD and dark chocolate lovers, don’t miss the CBD chocolate chip cookies!

Learn more at

How We Chose the Best Hemp Cannabis Edibles

It is vital that consumers get the best THC edible products they can buy. To ensure that our list offered nothing but the best, we tasked our researchers with finding edibles infused with THC that met the following criteria:

  • The company must use organic hemp grown in the USA
  • Products must be third-party lab tested
  • Lab results must be readily available on the company’s website
  • Safe methods are used to extract cannabinoids
  • Products are free of harmful chemicals like pesticides and herbicides
  • No harmful additives
  • Reasonably priced

After our team of researchers compiled a list of companies that met the criteria above, they then read online reviews to get a better sense of customer satisfaction. Based on their findings and personal experiences with each product, they were able to narrow down the list to the five top choices for THC edibles.

Why Choose Edible THC Hemp Cannabis Products?

The choice to consume THC-infused edibles over using other forms of THC such as vape liquids, topicals, oil tinctures, or rolled cannabis flower is a personal one. Some people prefer the convenience and portability of edibles, while others find that they offer more consistent dosing than other methods.

THC edibles also offer many potential health benefits. For example, consuming THC in edible form allows it to be absorbed more slowly into the bloodstream, leading to more prolonged wellness support. Additionally, consuming THC edibles protects users from the dangers of cannabis smoke, which can irritate the lungs and cause respiratory problems.

Furthermore, THC-infused edibles come in delicious flavors (sometimes even dark chocolate!) that make consuming cannabinoids a more enjoyable experience. Many of the best THC edibles on this list are naturally flavored with fruits and spices, making them a great option for those with a sweet tooth or who don’t like the earthy taste of naturally flavored hemp products.

With THC-infused edibles, you can get an accurately measured dose of cannabinoids that is perfect for your needs and won’t require any special equipment or knowledge to consume. Simply pop a gummy in your mouth or chomp down on a THC-infused cookie, and you’re good to go.

What Are the Benefits of THC?

Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) has become incredibly popular as more states legalize cannabis for medicinal and recreational use. While other cannabinoids such as CBD have grown in popularity in recent years, THC remains the most well-known and studied cannabinoid due to its numerous benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Pain relief: THC interacts with endocannabinoid receptors responsible for mediating pain perception, making it an effective way to manage wellness goals related to pain. People with arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and chronic pain have all reported positive results after consuming hemp and marijuana edibles such as gummies and cookies.
  • Anxiety relief: While THC in high doses can trigger anxiety for some people, it can also be used to effectively manage anxiety in others. A small dose of THC can help to take the edge off of anxiety, making it easier to relax and enjoy life.
  • Insomnia relief: THC has long been used as a natural remedy for insomnia. The cannabinoid works by interacting with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which helps to regulate sleep cycles. As a result, consuming THC-rich hemp or marijuana edibles can help support a good night’s sleep.
  • Appetite stimulation: THC is well-known for its ability to stimulate appetite. This benefit has made THC edibles popular among people with cancer undergoing chemo treatments, HIV/AIDS, and other conditions that cause cachexia or wasting syndrome.
  • Reducing seizures: THC has shown promise in reducing seizure activity in people with epilepsy. In fact, the FDA has approved only one THC-based medication, Epidiolex, for the treatment of two forms of epilepsy: Dravet syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.
  • Anti-inflammatory support: THC has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help to reduce swelling and inflammation throughout the body. This benefit makes THC-infused edibles popular for people with conditions like Crohn’s disease, colitis, and IBS.
  • Potential cancer-fighting properties: THC has been shown to kill cancer cells in laboratory studies. While more research is needed in this area, it’s not out of the realm of possibility that THC-infused edibles may one day be used as a natural cancer treatment.

As cannabis science advances, there is no doubt that the potential benefits of THC will continue to be uncovered. And while THC edibles may not be right for everyone, they offer a unique and effective way to consume cannabinoids regardless of a person’s medical or recreational needs.

How Long Do THC Edibles Take To Kick In?

Cannabinoids can saturate the bloodstream and provide stimulating effects to the endocannabinoid system in many ways. Most popularly, cannabinoids are inhaled through combustion or vaporization, orally ingestible in an edible form, or applied topically to the skin. The type of product determines the time it takes to kick in.

When THC is consumed orally in an edible form, it must first be metabolized by the liver before it enters the bloodstream and begins to interact with the endocannabinoid system. This process of “first-pass metabolism” is why THC-infused edibles can take up to 2 hours before their full effects are felt. Do note that this can be affected by factors such as:

  • Medication being taken: Certain prescription meds can affect liver enzyme production, increasing or decreasing the time it takes for THC to metabolize and, therefore, kick in.
  • Body fat content: THC binds to fat cells in the body, so those with higher body fat percentages may find that THC edibles take slightly longer to kick in.
  • Eating habits: Consuming THC edibles after a big meal can delay the onset of effects, as the cannabinoids will compete with other food for metabolization.
  • Hydration levels: Dehydration can also affect how quickly THC-infused edibles take effect, as water aids in metabolizing cannabinoids.

You may need to experiment with different THC edible products and dosages to better understand the amount of time it takes for the full effects to be felt. Start with a low dose and give it at least 2 hours before consuming more.

How Long Can You Feel The Effects of THC Edibles?

Once THC enters the bloodstream, it quickly interacts with cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. These interactions result in the various benefits associated with THC consumption. The effects of THC-infused edibles can last anywhere from 4-12 hours depending on unique biological factors such as a person’s:

  • body weight
  • metabolism
  • tolerance to THC
  • amount consumed
  • quality of cannabis extracts

Larger individuals will find that they can consume more THC before feeling the full effects, while those with a higher tolerance will need to consume more to feel the same effects as someone who consumes THC less frequently.

Cannabis extract quality can significantly impact the effects of THC edibles as well. High-quality THC edibles made with solvent-free extraction methods and tested for potency and purity will result in a longer, more pleasant experience than poorly made edibles.

What Do the Effects of THC Edibles Feel Like?

The effects of THC are often described as a “body high” or “stoned” feeling. This is due to THC’s interactions with the body’s endocannabinoid system, which regulates functions such as:

  • appetite
  • pain sensation
  • mood
  • memory
  • sleep
  • motor function

But, the term THC is a generic description that can describe many different cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Each cannabinoid interacts with the endocannabinoid system differently, resulting in different effects.

Delta-8 THC
Known as a less psychoactive alternative to delta-9 THC, delta-8 THC interacts with the endocannabinoid system in a similar way but is only about half as potent. As such, those who consume delta-8 THC-infused edibles may feel more clearheaded and functional than if they had ingested delta-9 THC.

Delta-9 THC
Delta-9 THC is the most well-known and studied cannabinoid, thanks to its potent psychoactive effects. When consumed, delta-9 THC activates the endocannabinoid system, resulting in the stoned feeling often associated with cannabis consumption.

Delta-10 THC
Delta-10 THC is a potent cannabinoid that is created when delta-9 THC oxidizes. As such, it shares many of the same effects as delta-9 THC but is often described as smoother and less likely to result in anxiety or paranoia.

THC-O-Acetate is an ester of THC that is created when THC is combined with acetic acid. When consumed, it metabolizes into delta-9 THC, resulting in many of the same effects. However, some users report that THC-O-Acetate results in a more clearheaded and functional high.

THC-V is lesser-known than other cannabinoids and is known for its appetite-suppressing effects. THC-V may result in reduced hunger and a feeling of lightness or euphoria when consumed.

With THC edibles containing one or more of these cannabinoids, it’s no wonder that the effects can vary so greatly. The best way to find out how a particular THC edible will affect you is to start with a low dose and see how you feel after 2-3 hours.

Side Effects of Edibles Infused With THC Hemp Cannabis Extracts

Just because you aren’t smoking cannabis flower or vaping THC oil doesn’t mean there aren’t any side effects to edibles infused with THC extracted from hemp cannabis plants. Some of the most common side effects associated with THC consumption include:

  • anxiety
  • paranoia
  • dry mouth
  • red eyes
  • increased appetite
  • fatigue or sleepiness
  • gastrointestinal distress

It’s important to remember that everyone reacts to THC differently, so the side effects you experience may differ from those of someone else taking the same product. Furthermore, the side effects of THC edibles aren’t always related to the cannabinoid itself but rather low-quality ingredients and manufacturing processes. THC brands trying to cut corners by using low-quality ingredients or failing to properly test their products for potency and purity are more likely to result in gastrointestinal distress, anxiety, and other unpleasant side effects related to residual contaminants and impurities.

Usually, THC edible side effects are minor when they occur and dissipate quickly. If you find yourself uncomfortable with the side effects of eating THC, drink plenty of fluids, eat a small snack, and relax. The side effects should subside within an hour or two. However, seek medical attention if the side effects persist or become severe.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best THC edible dosage for pain?
The best levels of THC for managing pain will be different for everyone. Start with a low dose and see how you feel. You can always take more later if needed. Remember that THC edibles can take a while to kick in, so be sure to eat your edible with enough time for the effects to start before the pain begins.

2. Which is better: THC gummies or THC cookies?
Those who prefer a quick gummy they can pop into their mouth as part of their daily supplement routine seem to prefer THC gummies over other types of hemp cannabis products. Those who want to enjoy a sweet snack while getting their THC fix often prefer THC cookies. Ultimately the best one will be based on your specific preferences and dosing schedule.

3. What is the best time of day to take a THC edible?
The best time of day to consume a THC edible will vary depending on the desired effect. If you are looking for daytime wellness support, it’s best to consume your THC edible in the morning. For nighttime relaxation and sleep support, consume your THC edible in the evening. Remember that THC-infused edibles can saturate the bloodstream for up to 12 hours, so time your dosing accordingly.

4. Are THC edibles organic?
Some THC edibles are entirely organic, and some contain organic ingredients. While the recipes vary, and many great products use all-natural ingredients, not all edibles infused with THC are organic. Read the product packaging to see what ingredients are used and how they were sourced. The most important thing is that the hemp used to make THC edibles is grown organically, so you can avoid any residual pesticides or herbicides.

5. Do THC edibles go bad?
Like any food product, edible THC products have a shelf life and will eventually go bad. The length of time that THC edibles remain fresh will depend on the ingredients used, how they were manufactured, and how they are stored. Check the expiration date before consuming any edible cannabis product and store them in a cool, dark place to extend their shelf life.

Get the Best Weed Edible with THC

Food products infused with THC offer a wide range of benefits and a smoke-free alternative to consuming cannabis flowers. Whether it’s key lime kiwi flavored gummies or delicious milk chocolate chip cookies infused with potent hemp-derived THC cannabinoids, there’s a THC edible out there for everyone.

And while choosing the best THC weed edible can seem daunting, the truth is – it doesn’t have to be. By purchasing from any of the five best brands above, you can ensure a pleasant, safe, and effective experience with THC-infused food products.