Delta 9 Gummies: 5 Best THC Gummies for Relieving Stress, Easing Joint Pain, and More

Are you looking for a way to rest, relax, and rejuvenate after a long or stressful day? If so, you might want to try delta 9 products. Delta 9 is the most common form of THC. It can be extracted from hemp and used to make a wide variety of THC edibles, including delta 9 gummies.


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Some people use delta 9 gummies to manage the symptoms of specific health conditions such as multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or Parkinson’s disease. Delta 9 THC gummies are also excellent for overall relaxation, stress relief, and anxiety management.

There are a lot of brands in the THC market making delta 9 gummies, so you may be unsure which products are actually good. That’s why we’ve rounded up the top five delta 9 THC gummies, so you don’t have to spend hours sifting through countless products.

Summary of the Best Delta 9 Gummies

  1. Best Overall Delta 9 THC Gummies: TRĒHouse D10 + HHC + D9 Gummies
  2. Most Potent Delta 9 THC Gummies: iDelta Premium Black Hole Delta 9 Gummies
  3. Best Delta 9 THC Gummies for Joint Pain: Summit Delta-9 THC Hemp Derived Gummies
  4. Best Delta 9 THC Gummies for New Users: Joy Organics Delta 9 THC Gummies
  5. Best Delta 9 THC Gummies for Daytime: CBDfx Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD

What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 THC is one of a set of compounds known as cannabinoids. Other cannabinoids you may be familiar with include CBD and CBG. These substances are all produced by cannabis plants. A cannabis plant that contains less than 0.3% delta 9 THC is considered a hemp plant.

Delta 9 THC, like other cannabinoids, can be extracted from hemp and used to make various edible, topical, and vapor products. When you consume delta 9 THC gummies, it binds to receptors in your body known as CB1 and CB2 receptors. This results in several effects including stress relief, an increased appetite, pain relief, and sleepiness.

Best Delta 9 Gummies

1. Best Overall Delta 9 THC Gummies: TRĒHouse D10 + HHC + D9 Gummies

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Why We Love Them

TRĒHouse D10 + HHC + D9 Gummies are made with a potent blend of cannabinoids for a strong yet balanced effect. Each gummy contains not only delta 9 THC but also HHC and delta 10 THC. Delta 10 is especially known for its ability to relieve stress, while HHC helps intensify your relaxation while moderating pain and anxiety.

TRĒHouse describes the effects of these gummies as chillaxed, energetic, and euphoric. They can give you both a body buzz and a head buzz along with a sense of mood elevation. Because they can be powerful, TRĒHouse recommends trying half a gummy your first time around.

These gummies are vegan and gluten-free, making them suitable for a variety of diets. They’re third-party lab tested for potency and sweetened with natural cane sugar and tapioca syrup.

TRĒHouse offers free shipping on orders over a certain cost. They often provide discounts for customers who buy two or three products at a time.

What customers love

Customers enjoy the Blue Raspberry flavor of these gummies. They have a slight hemp flavor but are not overpowering. Several reviewers mention taking them every evening to relax their minds and get a better night’s sleep. Others like taking them on the weekends to combat stress and add enjoyment to the activities they love.


  • Contain delta 10 and HHC for enhanced effects
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • 60-day guarantee
  • Lab tested for potency


  • May be too potent for new users


  • Size: 20 gummies per container
  • Strength: 5 mg delta 9 THC per gummy
  • Flavor(s): Blue Raspberry

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2. Most Potent Delta 9 THC Gummies: iDelta Premium Black Hole Delta 9 Gummies

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Why We Love Them

When it comes to potency, iDelta Premium Black Hole Delta 9 Gummies are hard to beat. Each gummy contains 110 mg of active cannabinoids including delta 9 THC, THC-O, delta 8 THC, and CBN. Delta 8 has similar effects to delta 9 THC but may be more relaxing. THC-O is known for creating a strong head buzz, and CBN is great for reducing anxiety and stress.

These iDelta Premium Black Hole Delta 9 Gummies are 100% certified vegan and sweetened with organic cane sugar. They have an appealing blackberry flavor.

Because these gummies are so strong, iDelta recommends beginners start with just one-quarter gummy per dose. Intermediate users should use one-half gummy, and experienced users can take a whole gummy if desired. Save these potent gummies for a day when you truly want to relax and unwind.

What customers love

Reviewers are really impressed with the effectiveness of these delta 9 THC gummies. They say the gummies elevate their mood and make activities like watching TV and playing board games more enjoyable. Customers often find that they feel more at ease and balanced the day after taking iDelta Premium Black Hole Delta 9 Gummies.


  • Made with multiple cannabinoids for enhanced potency
  • Free of preservatives
  • Vegan, gluten-free, and organic


  • Must spend a certain amount to get free shipping


  • Size: 5 gummies per container, 20 gummies per container
  • Strength: 12 mg delta 9 THC per gummy
  • Flavor(s): Blackberry

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3. Best Delta 9 THC Gummies for Joint Pain: Summit Delta-9 THC Hemp Derived Gummies

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Why We Love Them

Summit Delta-9 THC Hemp Derived Gummies are great for those who take delta 9 products for joint pain relief during the daytime. These THC gummies are made with industrial hemp extract and are formulated to be more energizing than sleep-inducing, so you can take them without feeling too drowsy or run-down. While the effects of delta 9 vary from person to person, Summit says these gummies are likely to promote pain relief, good vibes, and mood support.

Summit Delta 9 THC Hemp Derived Gummies kick in within about 45 minutes and last for four to six hours. The suggested dose is just half a gummy, and they are easy to divide. For maximum benefits, Summit suggests taking your gummy about 15 to 30 minutes before eating. The detailed label includes dosing instructions, a full ingredient list, and nutrition facts.

These gummies are ring-shaped and come in three flavors: strawberry, peach, and apple. Each bag contains an assortment of all three flavors. The gummies are vegan and gluten-free, and they’re flavored with natural ingredients like lemon juice and fruit extract.

Summit offers multi-package discounts on these THC gummies and many of their other products. Customers can enjoy additional savings on repeat deliveries by signing up for their Subscribe & Save program.

What customers love

Customers with arthritis say these gummies take the edge off their joint pain so they can enjoy activities they love. Some customers take them every morning for increased mobility and comfort. Others only take them on occasion when their pain flares up. Reviewers praise the flavors and enjoy getting multiple flavors in one bag.


  • Delicious fruit flavors
  • Easy to divide in half
  • Starts working in as little as 20 minutes


  • Bag may be hard to re-seal


  • Size: 20 gummies per container
  • Strength: 15 mg delta 9 THC per gummy
  • Flavor(s): Assorted Fruit

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4. Best Delta 9 THC Gummies for New Users: Joy Organics Delta 9 THC Gummies

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Why We Love Them

Joy Organics Delta 9 THC Gummies are a perfect choice for first-time delta 9 users seeking a lower-dose product with milder effects. The CBD helps moderate and balance the effects of the delta 9 so you remain comfortable and in control of your experience.

The Blackberry Lime flavor of these gummies is also perfect for new users. It hides the hemp taste pretty well and is deliciously fresh and uplifting. Since these gummies are lab tested and do not contain any artificial cannabinoids, you can have confidence in their purity and potency.

The Joy Organics Delta 9 THC Gummies have a detailed label with dosing instructions, an ingredient list, and supplement facts. They are made in Fort Collins, Colorado, and are vegan and gluten-free. Joy Organics offers free shipping on orders over a certain cost. Customers can save even more by signing up for their Subscribe & Save program.

What customers love

Many customers who review these gummies are first-time delta 9 users. They are surprised by how relaxed, de-stressed, and happy they feel after their first dose. Most users get the effects they desire from one gummy, but some take only half a gummy for a more subtle effect. Customers say these THC gummies are great for evening anxiety and help them drift off without worries.


  • Contain CBD for a balanced experience
  • Vegan and gluten-free
  • 90-day money-back guarantee
  • Lab-tested for purity and potency


  • Contains tree nuts


  • Size: 25 gummies per container
  • Strength: 10 mg delta 9 THC per gummy
  • Flavor(s): Blackberry Lime

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5. Best Delta 9 THC Gummies for Daytime: CBDfx Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD

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Why We Love Them

CBDfx Delta-9 THC Gummies + CBD are perfect for daytime use because they are specifically formulated to be uplifting. They’re made with cannabinoids from sativa strains of hemp, which tend to be more energizing, creativity-boosting, and cerebral.

You can choose between two different potencies, so you don’t have to divide your THC gummies in half if you prefer a smaller dose. These gummies also contain plenty of CBD, so you get a wide range of CBD benefits including pain relief, stress relief, and improved overall wellness.

CBDfx makes these cruelty-tree gummies from 100% organic hemp, so you can feel good about your purchase from an ethical perspective. They are also medically reviewed by an expert in pharmacy, and CBDfx stands behind them with a 60-day guarantee. CBDfx offers free shipping on orders over a certain cost. They often share discount codes for new customers, too.

What customers love

Some customers take these THC gummies every morning. They find the gummies kick in quickly when taken on an empty stomach. Reviewers report feeling more relaxed, more creative, and less stressed when taking these gummies.

These gummies are popular among those who prefer lower doses of THC. Reviewers find the berry flavor appealing and have no problem taking these THC gummies discreetly.


  • Formulated with organic hemp 
  • Medically reviewed
  • Cruelty-free
  • Lab-verified potency


  • May not be strong enough for experienced users


  • Size: 20 gummies per container, 40 gummies per container
  • Strength: 5 mg delta 9 THC per gummy, 10 mg delta 9 THC per gummy
  • Flavor(s): Berry Buzz

Learn more about CBDfx

How We Picked The Best Delta 9 Gummies

Delta 9 gummies have become very popular, and new brands are popping up every day. Since we had so many brands to review, we had to take a focused approach. As we tested various gummies, read reviews, and evaluated product descriptions, we focused on the following qualities:

Lab Testing

Third-party lab testing is important when purchasing any hemp product. These tests measure the amounts of various cannabinoids in the product. When you buy a lab-tested product, you know it contains the amount of delta 9, CBD, and other cannabinoids stated on the label. 

The report generated by a lab is known as the certificate of analysis. Reputable delta 9 companies make this certificate available to potential buyers. We favored lab-tested THC gummies when creating this list.

Ingredient Quality

The best delta 9 gummies are made with hemp-derived THC from top-quality hemp. We gave preference to gummies made with hemp grown in the United States, as this ensured the hemp was grown per various agricultural standards. We also favored brands that use organic, vegan, and natural ingredients whenever possible.


Companies that take the time to earn certifications often make better hemp products. Many of the products featured here are certified cruelty-free or organic. We also favored companies that operate GMP-certified manufacturing facilities.


We read numerous reviews to see whether customers found each product effective. We also liked to see products that reliably produced the effects promised on the label. For example, if a certain gummy was marketed as being energizing, we wanted to ensure that firsthand accounts from reviewers backed up this claim.


The key reason many people choose delta 9 gummies over other hemp products is taste. So, we aimed to feature THC gummies that reviewers found delicious and appealing.

Benefits of Delta 9 Gummies

People take delta 9 gummies for several reasons. Some people take these THC edibles because they are seeking one specific benefit. Others use THC gummies to enjoy multiple benefits, including:

Deep Relaxation

People often eat delta 9 gummies in the evening to feel relaxed and at ease. They can help relax both your body and your mind so you can let go of the worries of the day. This deep relaxation can make way for better sleep. Some people use THC gummies every night before bed to battle chronic insomnia or sleeplessness.

Increased Physical Comfort

Do you ever feel on edge and like you can’t get comfortable? Maybe your muscles ache no matter how you sit. Or perhaps you feel the urge to move when you’d rather be sitting still. THC edibles can enhance physical comfort, ease muscle aches, and help you feel more connected to your own body.

Pain Relief

Delta 9 THC is a natural pain reliever. Some people use it to manage chronic arthritis pain or orthopedic pain from old injuries. Others use it to manage neurological pain from conditions like fibromyalgia and multiple sclerosis.

Patients are often able to reduce their dose of opiate pain relievers by turning to THC for pain relief. One big advantage of THC for pain relief is its relative lack of serious side effects when compared to more conventional pain relievers.

Healthy Appetite

You’ve probably heard of people getting “the munchies” after consuming THC edibles. In some cases, this can be a therapeutic benefit. People who struggle with eating disorders, medication-induced anorexia, and a limited appetite due to stress are often better able to maintain a healthy, adequate diet after taking delta 9 gummies. Cancer patients often have an easier time eating healthy, balanced meals when using delta-9.


Delta 9 gummies can help relax and open your mind so that you’re better able to think creatively. Some people take their gummies before creating art or music. Others find they have more fun watching movies or playing board games after taking delta 9 gummies because they’re better able to think outside the box.

Reduced Inflammation

Studies suggest that THC may reduce or suppress the inflammatory response. People with arthritis often take it to reduce the swelling in their joints, which allows them to be more mobile. Delta 9 gummies may also help ease inflammation related to allergies, headaches, and old injuries.

If you’re taking delta 9 gummies primarily to deal with inflammation, look for a brand that also contains plenty of CBD. CBD is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that also has anti-inflammatory properties. When CBD and THC are used together, they can enhance one another’s therapeutic benefits via the entourage effect.

How To Find The Right Delta 9 Gummies for You

Each of the five delta 9 gummies recommended above is a leader in the hemp and CBD industries. However, everyone reacts to delta 9 differently, and every customer expects something a little different from their delta 9 gummies. As such, we recommend you shop around and read about a few different products before selecting one. Here are the factors to consider throughout that process:


If you’re new to delta 9, look for a less-potent gummy. This way, you are less apt to take too much and feel overwhelmed by the effects. If you later discover you prefer a higher dose of THC, you can always take two or three gummies at a time.

More experienced delta 9 users who are seeking serious pain relief, intense relaxation, or enhanced creativity may prefer a stronger product. Just be aware that when you take these stronger gummies, you may not want to do anything other than chill.

Other Cannabinoids

Some delta 9 gummies also contain other cannabinoids for a more intense or balanced effect. Here are some other hemp-derived cannabinoids you’ll sometimes see in THC edibles:

  • CBD: CBD tends to moderate the effects of THC. It can enhance the pain relief and anti-inflammatory effects you experience.
  • Delta 8: This milder form of THC can make your experience more relaxing. People with anxiety often enjoy THC edibles made with delta 8.
  • THC-O: This form of THC has more cerebral effects and can give you a strong head buzz and euphoria.

Intended Benefits

Some delta 9 gummies are formulated with specific benefits in mind. The company may add specific terpenes or other cannabinoids to the gummies to maximize certain effects. For example, a hemp terpene called myrcene is thought to have anti-anxiety effects, so a hemp company may add additional myrcene to gummies they market as an anti-anxiety aid.

Read product descriptions and reviews to see whether the specific benefits of a certain brand line up with your own needs. For example, if you’re taking delta 9 gummies for pain relief, look for one that reviewers say is effective at managing their pain.


Most THC gummies come in fruit flavors. Which is best? That’s a matter of preference. If you’re a citrus fan, look for lemonade or orange-flavored gummies. If you prefer berry flavors, a strawberry or blackberry gummy may be more appealing.

Dietary Suitability

Check the ingredients and labeling details to ensure the gummies you purchase meet your dietary needs. Many, but not all, delta 9 gummies are gluten-free. You’ll also see many vegan delta 9 gummies. However, a few brands do make their gummies with gelatin, which is an animal product.

Other Types of Delta 9 Products

Delta 9 gummies are often preferred over other hemp products because they taste great and contain a pre-measured dose of THC. However, there are a lot of other great hemp products on the market that may better meet some customers’ needs, like:

Delta 9 Vapes

Delta 9 vapes contain a liquid solution formulated with delta 9 THC. When you inhale through the vape pen, this liquid is heated to its vapor point. You inhale a cloud of vapor, and the THC passes through your lungs and into your bloodstream.

A delta 9 vape is a good choice if you need fast relief from pain or anxiety. The delta 9 kicks in within minutes when inhaled. However, THC tends to wear off faster when inhaled than when ingested.

You can find delta 9 vapes in many different fruit and dessert flavors. Some brands also make natural, hemp-flavored vape liquids. If you purchase a refillable vape pen, then you can continue to buy bottles of various vape liquids and refill your pen as needed. Most vape pens are compatible not only with delta 9 vape liquids but also CBD and delta 8 vape juices. As such, a vape pen can be a smart buy if you like to use a variety of cannabinoids.

Delta 9 Capsules

Delta 9 capsules are gel capsules that contain THC-infused oil or hemp extract. You swallow the capsule with a sip of water.

Delta 9 capsules are a good choice when you want to take THC orally but need to be discreet. Some customers also prefer them to gummies because they do not contain sugar. However, it is difficult to adjust your dose with delta 9 capsules; you can’t really divide one in half.

Delta 9 Flower

Delta 9 flower is flowers from hemp plants that produce some THC. You can grind the hemp flower, then roll it into a joint or pack it into a pipe.

Delta 9 flower is the most natural way to enjoy the benefits of delta 9 THC. The effects appear within minutes of smoking. You not only get the benefits of delta 9 but also other hemp-derived cannabinoids, which can vary between strains. However, not everyone enjoys inhaling smoke from a cannabis plant into their lungs, and it is difficult to use delta 9 flower discreetly.

Pay close attention to the strain when purchasing hemp flower. While there are hundreds of strains of hemp, they typically fall into one of two categories: sativa or indica. Sativa strains tend to have more energizing effects, while indica strains tend to be more relaxing. People often prefer sativa for daytime use and indica for evening use.

Delta 9 Tincture

Delta 9 tincture is made by blending hemp-derived THC with a carrier oil, such as MCT oil. This is a liquid product and it typically comes in a small bottle with a dropper top. You can deposit the desired dose on your tongue and swallow it, or you can stir the tincture into your favorite drink.

It’s easy to adjust your dose with a delta 9 tincture. However, some people find tinctures messy, and some don’t like the flavor, which tends to be very hemp-forward.

Delta 9 Topicals

There are also many topical delta 9 products on the market today. These are products that you apply directly to your skin rather than consuming or inhaling. Common examples include delta 9 lotions, balms, salves, and even lip balm.

Delta 9 topicals are a good choice if you are using delta 9 to ease joint pain or muscle pain. The THC will be absorbed through your skin and directly into the underlying tissue. People who experience unpleasant side effects when taking delta 9 orally sometimes find they can use delta 9 topicals without side effects. These products are popular with arthritis patients and those who work on their feet.


Is delta 9 legal?

Delta 9 is federally legal in the United States when derived from hemp plants that contain less than 0.3% delta 9 THC.

How many delta 9 gummies should I take?

Most brands formulate their delta 9 gummies so that one gummy is a standard dose. However, if you have never used delta 9 before and are taking it for the first time, it’s often best to start with half a gummy. Take this smaller dose a few times and get used to the way delta 9 makes you feel. You may decide a half a gummy is enough. Or, you may decide to upgrade to a full gummy after your first few experiences.

Also, pay attention to the potency of your delta 9 gummies when deciding how much to take. If you have low-dose gummies, taking a full gummy is almost always reasonable. On the other hand, if your gummies are higher in potency, you may want to err on the side of caution and split a gummy in half, even if you take THC routinely.

How fast do delta 9 gummies work?

Most people start feeling the effects of delta 9 gummies anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes after taking them. The effects may continue to build for a bit longer than this.

Delta 9 gummies take a while to kick in because the THC has to pass into your digestive tract and be absorbed into your bloodstream before it starts working. If you’re looking for faster relief, you may consider trying using a delta 9 vape or smoking delta 9 flower instead.

How long do delta 9 gummies last?

The effects of delta 9 gummies usually last between four and six hours. However, some people process THC faster or more slowly than others, so results vary.

Do delta 9 gummies have side effects?

Delta 9 gummies do sometimes cause mild side effects. The most common of these side effects include an altered sense of time, impaired memory, extreme tiredness, and dry mouth. The good news is that these side effects generally go away once the THC wears off.

If you experience these side effects, try using a smaller dose of delta 9 next time. You can also work to moderate specific side effects. For example, if delta 9 gummies give you dry mouth, keep a bottle of water handy after taking them.

Are delta 9 gummies vegan?

Many delta 9 gummies are vegan, but some are not. If you do not see a “vegan” label on a delta 9 gummy product and want to know if it is vegan, check the ingredient list. If you see gelatin on the ingredient list, then that brand of gummies is not vegan. Gelatin is an effective thickener that gives gummies a nice texture, but it is an animal product derived from bones and cartilage.

Vegan gummies are typically thickened with pectin, not gelatin. Pectin is derived from fruit and is the same thickener used in a lot of jams and jellies.


With so many delta 9 THC gummies on the market, choosing the best one is not always easy. We recommend looking for a gummy from a company that does third-party lab testing, sources their hemp responsibly, and gives specific dosing instructions on the label. And you really can’t go wrong with any of our five favorite hemp-derived products. Whether you’re brand new to delta 9 or have been taking it for ages, we’re confident you’ll find an enjoyable, effective product that delivers relaxation and relief.

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