Inspired by a divine frozen passing, Grand Seiko introduces the “Omiwatari” timepiece to the Elegance Collection

Founded over 60 years ago in Japan, Grand Seiko represents the pinnacle of watchmaking. Each watch is crafted by hand, using the highest quality in materials, techniques, and craftsmanship. Combining technical innovation with time-tested artistry and craftsmanship, Grand Seiko creates timepieces that harmoniously balance form and function. It requires the utmost levels of accuracy, legibility, durability, and beauty to bear the Grand Seiko name on the dial.

Every winter, something magical happens on the waters of Lake Suwa. When temperatures fall, and the lake freezes over — mysterious large cracks and ridges form across its surface, some over a foot tall. Legend calls this Omiwatari, or where the Shinto gods walk out over the ice. This legend has inspired the craftsmen and women of Grand Seiko at the nearby Shinshu Watch Studio to create a timepiece that invokes the beauty of this natural phenomenon — the SBGY007 “Omiwatari.”

The first thing viewers of the SBGY007 notice is its striking dial — ice blue in color and textured to mimic the undulations of the frozen lake.

Turning the watch over, viewers are treated to an exhibition caseback that showcases the expertly finished movement highlighted with tempered blue screws and its power reserve indicator.

Grand Seiko has revolutionized watchmaking with many innovations — including the Spring Drive movement, which offers a seamless seconds-hand motion and accuracy unlike any other mechanical watch. Every Grand Seiko watch reflects the Japanese spirituality of time inspired by nature.