I checked out the Chicago Modernism Show & Sale this weekend and was pleased to see several local dealers: Converso Mod, Scout, Modern Times, Broadway Antique Market, Room Service, and Uber Modern. (If you missed it, make a note not to next year.) At the latter’s booth, Brandon McCleskey told me he had started a modern antique mall close to his Uber showroom. Called MCM Grand, (MCM stands for mid-century modernism), the new mall is at 2219 W. Grand Ave., and features items from Brandon as well as quality goods from other dealers Brandon knows who were looking for a showcase. He’s still signing on dealers. The storefront is 2,000 square feet but he plans to epxand upstairs if there’s enough interest. “It’s not like a traditional mall,” McClesky says. “It’s more of a showroom.” McClesky and his partner will group furniture and accessories into attractive vignettes instead of being divided by dealer. Sounds grand!