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Chicago magazine looks to cover the city of Chicago and the greater Chicago area with indepth and thoughtful reporting and writing. Every story we publish must have a focus on Chicago or be important to our readers.

To pitch a story, please write a brief (1- to 3-paragraph max) pitch, stressing why your idea is different, newsworthy, and compelling for our readers. If you are a writer, photographer, or illustrator, please include samples of your work.

Please be sure to pitch early. The print magazine is monthly; we finalize story lineups a few months before the cover date.

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For food and drink, email Amy Cavanaugh

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For home, health, and fashion, email Kelly Aiglon

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For photography, email Michael Zajakowski

For online inquiries, email Sarah Steimer

For all other inquiries, email Terrance Noland


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Editor in Chief Terrance Noland
Design Director David Syrek

Deputy Editor Stanley Kay
Dining Editor Amy Cavanaugh

Contributing Editors Edward McClelland, Terrance Noland, Sarah Steimer, Judy Sutton Taylor, and Kris Vire

Contributing Writers Mark Bazer, Kim Brooks, Mark Caro, Deborah D. Douglas, Nina Kokotas Hahn, Cate Huguelet, John Kessler, Cindy Kuzma, Rebecca Makkai, Jake Malooley, Nneka McGuire, Datrianna Meeks, Heidi Mitchell, Peter Sagal, Mike Thomas
Contributing Culture Critics Meaghan Garvey, Graham Meyer, Claire Voon, Lauren Warnecke
Contributing Copy Editors Robert Loerzel, Amy Schroeder
Research Assistants Isabella DeLeo, Jack McGann

Digital Producers Mike Lietz, Lynette Smith

Contributing Digital Editors Kelly Aiglon, Sarah Steimer

Photo Director Michael Zajakowski

Contributing Designer Jacqueline Cantu

Contributing Digital Imaging Specialist Andrew Davis

Contributing Photographers Jeff Marini, Lisa Predko
Contributing Illustrator Kathryn Rathke

Prepress/Design Manager Tom Kadzielawski
Production Specialist Julie O’Brien
Graphic Designer Haleigh Brown

Advertising Director Megan Holbrook
Operations Director Diana Vdovets
Senior Account Managers Patti Augustyn, Valeria Coric, Jacqueline Simon, Liza Sweitzer

Regional Sales Representatives
Hawaii | Account Manager Debbie Anderson, 808-739-2200
Michigan | Regional Manager Jan Hess-Wahl, 248-505-0796
Northeast U.S. and Mid-Atlantic | National Account Director Cynthia Donaher, 917-679-5506
Southeast U.S. | Account Director Whitney Ford Dick, 954-493-7311
Western U.S. | Shana Wong Solares, 808-386-0872

Audience Development Specialist Margaret Andras

Senior Director, Finance Michele De Venuto

Manager, Finance Miles Hernandez

Analyst, Finance Guisselle Ramirez


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