If you haven’t checked out this year’s Smart Home at the Museum of Science and Industry, don’t do what I did last year, and keep putting it off until you miss it. From the photos I’ve seen, last year’s set-up was gorgeous, but from a decorating standpoint, not exactly surprising. So often green means tranquil, Zen-feeling interiors, with lots of white, wood, and earthy accoutrements. Don’t get me wrong—I love that look. But what was great about this year’s show was the bold color palette and rock-n-roll sensibility… well, in most of the rooms. Interior designer Michelle Fitzpatrick, (owner of the eco-friendly home shop Verde), who helped pull together the talent for last year’s show, was back on the case this year, putting lots of local vendors on display, from the salvaged motorcycle hubcap chandeliers by Ted Harris in the dining area to the low-VOC paint from Colori throughout the house. Nice to see green get a little sexed up.