Every so often we get a press release about a Kate Spade product and I find it interesting that while the brand Kate Spade (now owned, like many others, by Liz Claiborne) continues rolling out new stuff (including new collections for Bed Bath & Beyond, shown above—the subject of the latest release I received), Andy and Kate Spade are off doing entirely different stuff (read all about it in this 2010 New York magazine article). Even though I’m not blue-blood enough to ever achieve the Spades’ fabulously preppy style, I’ve always admired it. Check out photos of their Park Avenue apartment on the blog Habitually Chic. Meanwhile, if you’ve got a bedroom that needs some girly-girl sunshine that’s Kate Spade in name only—but still has a bit of that charming Spade spirit (at non-Park Avenue prices), hit Bed, Bath and Beyond.


Photo by Tina Barney, from nymag.com