Cindy Galvin is the stylish owner of Bardes Interiors and Maze Home in Winnetka. She’s quite the jetsetter, so we were lucky to catch her in town to finish our sentences.


1. Every home should have Fortuny fabric somewhere, be it a pillow, headboard, window treatment, or even a fabric swatch set out for inspiration. Classically inspired and hand-blocked in Italy, the designs are true Old World elegance. The company has almost a cult-like following. I did a dining room in an Oak Street condo all in Fortuny for a client in the fashion industry. She shares my obsession. I even have customers who collect Fortuny umbrellas!


2. If I could live in any movie or TV setting it would be Downtown Abbey—upstairs, not down!


3. I eat like an absolute pig when I go to a Cubs game at Wrigley. I eat my way through all nine innings, starting with peanuts, then moving on to a beer and a hot dog (love their squishy buns), and finally, popcorn. And maybe a second dog. All the delicious, forbidden foods just taste better on a sunny day at the Friendly Confines.


4. Most people don’t know that I love to go grouse hunting in Scotland and England (see photo). I'm a pretty good shot, but really, it’s all about the outfit.


5. A beauty/grooming product that I swear by is: Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. I've been using it since I was 17. Great for cracked cuticles, calluses and the dry hands I get from handling fabrics and paper all day.