Took a lazy walk through Lakeview to get an old find framed at Four Sided and there, standing before me on the way out the door, stood a six-foot lighted marquee screaming my favorite word of all time…VINTAGE. It called me right in off the street to see what was hiding inside. Low and behold, I’d found Haystack Vintage (2934 N. Broadway, 773.549.1225). It is the cleverest of new shops around, boasting everything old (save for a few hip new T-shirts). The shop is tricked out in retro chairs, old books, drinking glasses, and side tables, as well as cool jewelry, clothing, and, when I was there, a banana-seat Schwinn. A gem from Phil Tadros (who owns several coffee shops in town) along with his former employees/investors John Mokate and Erin Liston. Scoop up what you find because the well-priced offerings change weekly.