I had a sneak preview of the new Flor showroom—located in Jayson Home & Garden’s previous annex space, just south of the nursery, at 1873 N. Clybourn Ave.—the other day and was very impressed. As well done as the catalog is, it doesn’t compare to being able to see and feel the carpet squares in person. The store has small swatches of every color and pattern on display, as well as samples of the full-sized tiles (about 20 by 20 inches) that can be used within the store to build an actual demo rug (a section of the space is devoted especially for this purpose). For inspiration, large swaths in multiple colors and textures are grouped together on the shop’s floor. Still, it might be a good idea to arrive with a game plan because seeing so many options in one place can make you lose your focus. As of now, the storefront is simply a vehicle for the company to show its products up close and personal—customers will still make their orders online or on the premises with a sales person, and then get their rugs delivered to their homes. Things may change in the near future (for example, if a certain pattern is well-stocked, you may very well be able to pull up in your SUV and drive off with your rug). Shown above, Alexander Girard’s Flora rug kit (about $160 for a six-tile rug). The company’s new metallic designs are also very cool. Doors open today. Free parking across the street. Exciting times for Flor fans.