Morlen Sinoway just got these fun cardboard animals, designed by an architect who decided to get creative with some leftover materials at the office. They come in two sizes: $35 for an approximately five-inch-high beast, $120 for eighteen inches high. Sold flatpacked in an envelope, they come with directions for easy assembly. Fun gift for a kid, especially one with designphiles for parents. Morlen also carries these awesome felt rugs. What’s great about them—in addition to the fact that felt is so darn cozy, durable, and unexpected on the floor—is that you can order them for about $20 a square foot in custom colors, designs, and sizes (not so great is that it takes 10 weeks for delivery—though good things come to those who wait!). I love how the stripes are sort of fuzzy, rather than hard; it’s a soft-yet-modern look, and you can go wide or thin for the stripes. The display samples in the store are currently 10 percent off, including the runner shown above ($504).