I’m completely coveting this green garage for our home in Oak Park. Coincidentally, the architect is also from Oak Park, and he sent me these photos of his recently completed garage. It’s the first of four prototypes developed by Tom Bassett-Dilley to address the challenge of how to make a meaningful back yard with what little space remains between garage and house. The firm just won a Green Award from the Village of Oak Park for this design.
    What makes it green? A living green roof, sustainably harvested framing lumber, locally fabricated metal composed of recycled content, and paving salvaged from the previous slab. The L-shaped garage keeps a car sheltered, provides a secure storage/work room, and creates a garden space. “Instead of enclosing the zoning-required second parking space, an open, permeable gravel patio accommodates occasional guest parking and allows for a larger garden with greater solar access,” the press release says. “The green roof covers the low-slope portion, and the rain screen cedar siding provides easy attachment for vining and climbing plants.” On top of all of this, it’s modern and great looking from alley and yard. Genius! My Mini Cooper would be so happy here.