This weekend is the Albany-Carroll Arts Building Open House (October 15-16, noon to 6 p.m. at 319 N. Albany St.). It’s a fun event and great chance to see how the some of the most creative minds in town work.

One of the amazing folks with a studio in this building is Lucy Slivinski, who makes lighting, sculpture, and large-scale art installations out of salvaged metal. Check out this YouTube video about her work:, and then stop by her studio and feel really informed! To see some of her more large-scale work, stop by Christy Webber Landscapes, about three blocks away from the Albany-Caroll building at 2900 W. Ferdinand. Slivinski has installations throughout the courtyard and on the green roof. Later this month, designer Michael del Piero is unveiling a new line of the artist’s sculptural lights (see a close-up in the photo above) at her Good Design studio and store in Wicker Park. Lucy is one busy and talented lady.