I walked by Zella Brown the other day and thought to myself: love that window display. So bold and colorful. Hollywood Regency style at its best. And then I saw that dog… Turns out that fake little pooch draws more people in off the street than anything else—and it’s not for sale. Owner Trisha London’s mom bought it for her 10 years ago and she can’t remember where. It’s so real-looking it’s creepy! But London, who has witnessed many people knocking on the glass to “get its attention” maintains that she will always find a way to incorporate the odd dog into her window, no matter what people think of it. The things that drew me in: the tulle-wrapped-metal curlicue chandelier by 2Jane (not too shabby for $409) and the fun papier-mâché birds ($30 each) and stool ($299) from Stray Dog.