Sometimes all contemporary furniture seems to blend together. I’m thinking low-slung, deep sectionals, Parsons-style legs on tables, shortish chunky chairs. When I’m in the right mind space, I love it. Other times, I feel like it’s somehow too sexy for me. Like, I would always have to wear slip dresses and heels in my house if my furniture was so fabulous. My furniture would be like… hey, you need a shower! Don’t even come near me with those sweats! But I digress. Like I said, sleek contemporary furniture can sometimes look too much like other sleek contemporary furniture (particularly in ads). So that’s why I was so smitten by Piet Boon Zone, a new Dutch line that Haute Living will be carrying in October. Looking through the catalog of Boon’s pieces (Piet Boon is an actual person) I couldn’t help but feel that they were somehow different. I think it’s because while the lines are “clean,” they aren’t machine-precision clean (the leather on the console table pictured above has a slight, soft wave to it), and I love how the cushions jet out in the above sofa, breaking up the predictable couch silhouette. Is it still sexy? Yes. But, I like to think this sofa would accept me, sweats and all.