Dozens of rain-slicker-yellow lawn signs pop up every autumn in my neighborhood, and by now I don’t even have to read them to know that this means it’s time for another Edgewater Home Tour, organized each September by the Edgewater Historical Society. I walk my dog all over the ‘hood and love to look in the windows at night to critique paint colors, window treatments, etc., so it’s great fun to snoop around inside the spacious old houses, picking up design ideas and comparing notes. This year the walking tour is Sunday, Sept. 21 from noon to four, $25 admission, and it kicks off at the church at 6200 N. Glenwood, where you’ll get a map of the participants to lead you around at your own pace. The weather is supposed to rock, so I’m thinking maybe post-tour margaritas on the cute back patio at Cocina de Frida’s.