The changing of the season makes it the perfect time to swap out the scented candles in your home. (I’ll see you next year, beachy-scented votive!) And one of the best places to stock up on such olfactory delights is Waxman Candles (3044 North Lincoln Ave., 773-929-3000). In addition to their classic fall offerings (pumpkin spice, campfire), this year, they have some new varieties: mulled cider, pumpkin pie (similar to the aforementioned pumpkin spice, but with more of a yummy baked good quality), and caramel apple (a votive that is layered to look like there’s caramel on the bottom and either red for red delicious or green for granny smith on the top). Waxman candles are all made in-house every day using wax from Michigan. And they are super affordable—votives go for $1.75 each or a dozen for $16.