Photograph Courtesy of August General Store

The new Chicago-based online shop August General Store will make you look around at every practical item you own and say: "Wow. I could have a much prettier version of this."

Whether it’s a clipboard, light bulb, stapler, or bottle of laundry detergent, the iteration available at August promises to be more delightful than you ever thought possible.

Started by interior decorator Jannie Eckert, who recently moved to Chicago from Nashville, the shop offers everything in small quantities. Instead of offering 100 blankets, there are just a few perfect linen options that are to die for. In other words, Amazon this isn’t.

There are also candles, notebooks, teacups, and a handful more items. This summer, the shop will be expanding to include wallpaper and small furniture pieces.

Great—even more to covet. 

August General Store, online only, and on Facebook and Twitter at @augustgenstore.

Concrete desk set, $60 at August General Store.