Photograph: courtesy of Reppio

An old rice grain bucket from Nest, a glass frame from Foursided, and a pillow with a pink monkey on it from Studio Best Design don’t have a ton in common except that they are all sold or made in Chicago.

Well, that local connection is enough to get them featured on the new Chicago-focused online boutique Reppio.

The virtual store’s concept is to promote Chicago brick-and-mortar shops and designers by bringing their wares together online all in one place. Truly, shopping local has never been easier. (Once you get past the login.)

Just scroll through the images of picnic baskets, floor lamps, bikes, cocktail shakers, bags, accessories, and more (you won’t be too overwhelmed—the selection is highly curated), click on an item you want to buy, and you can purchase it right from the site.

You might just discover a new favorite boutique along the way—to check out in real life.