Call me a styling geek, but I often find myself thinking about how I can spruce up a flat surface. Coffee table: What can go on it other than coffee table books? Dresser: What object will make my day a teeny bit brighter because I’m looking at it as I open my sock drawer? Enter Laura Novy’s slip-casted porcelain paintbrushes.  A ceramicist, Novy was inspired by some vintage horsehair brushes she saw at Scout in Andersonville about a year ago (the shop’s owner, Larry Vodak, has a way of elevating practical, industrial things like this to conversation-starting accessories). She decided to create ceramic versions of what she saw and the results are now for sale, ranging in price from $85 to $395, at the same store that spawned the idea. I like that they are beautiful representations of home improvement projects—they elevate that weekend DIY project to art. Tonight, from 6 to 9 p.m., Vodak is having a party for Novy at his shop. I have a feeling these fine tools of the trade will sell fast.