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Ones of a Kind

Mass production? It’s for the masses. We prefer surprising, amusing, beautiful, functional (sometimes), human-made (always) objets d’art

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1. Helen Maria Nugent’s “Aggregate” vitreous porcelain rocks, $315 for a set of five, at Devening Projects + Editions, 312-420-4720

2. Hand-carved black walnut tray by Maura Conners, $30, at Gallery 37, 66 E. Randolph St.

3. “Chain” 23-karat gilded aluminum sculpture by The Franks, $1,800, through Rowland Contemporary

4. 23-karat gilded plastic spork by The Franks, $900, through Rowland Contemporary, 1118 W. Fulton Mkt.

5. Vox Populi’s votive holders made from antique French shirt cuffs, $100 each, at Morlen Sinoway Atelier, 1052 W. Fulton Mkt.


1. Grassland’s “Pure” natural grass and stainless steel sculpture, price upon request, to order at 360SEE Gallery, 1924 N. Damen Ave.

2. Doug Fogelson’s “Number 3” Duraclear photo on plexiglass and mirror, $2,750, at dougfogelson.com

3. Blaydon Conner’s Graffiti cabinet, $1,200, at Haus, 5405 N. Clark St.

4. Grassland’s “Orb” natural grass and polystyrene sculpture, price upon request, at 360SEE Gallery

5. Gel medium transfer photo-print lampshade by Ymijan Bafijari, $75, at Gallery 37


Photography: Leonard Gertz


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