Morlen Sinoway at his Fulton Market gallery (above). Last year’s Guerrilla Truck Show bustled with artisans and design lovers enjoying the indie spirit of the evening.

Morlen Sinoway admits that the annual Guerrilla Furniture and Art Truck Show on Fulton Market-of which he is sort of the commander-in-chief-may appear to be organized chaos. But that’s the way he likes it. "The idea behind the show was spontaneity and excitement," says the furniture designer and owner of Morlen Sinoway Atelier. "It’s like a surprise attack."

The one-day outdoor event, now in its third year, features truckloads (literally) of wares by independent and innovative designers. Last year’s artisans included Jason Wade of 45 Degrees, Nevin Peters Woodworking, Marilyn and Peter Frank of F2 designs, and Jereme Smith of Design Insight.

"I provide the space for them to sell their stuff," says Sinoway, whose eponymous custom furniture showroom has anchored the Fulton Market area since it opened in 2001, and led the way for others interested in moving to the increasingly design-focused block. "All they have to do is pull up their U-Hauls and I’ll throw out the extension cords."

The happening also includes a deejay, skateboarders, street performances, and cocktails from about 4 p.m. until 10 p.m. Sinoway doesn’t release the event’s date until two weeks prior, though it’s timed to coincide with NeoCon-a huge trade show for commercial interiors held each June at the Merchandise Mart (this year, June 11-13).

"We’re the antithesis of NeoCon," he says. "We’re not about name brands. We’re about supporting the city’s countless independent designers."

Last year’s 15 guerrilla trucks-most housing two or three designers-held offbeat installations, traditional furniture, abstract artwork, and creative designs in plastic, steel, plexiglass, and wool.

"It’s always different, yet always impressive," says Sinoway. 

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Photograph: Anna Knott