Founded by Caroline Linder and Lisa Smith in 2011, the online shop ODLCO grew out of Object Design League, the duo's first iniative, which hosted design workshops and pop-up shows around the city. Now Linder and Smith are working with independent designers and regional manufacturers to produce small runs of the same sorts of household products they showed during their pop-up days.

When I first spotted their offerings at the Guerilla Truck Show a few years ago, the pickings were pretty slim (Morgan Carter's Capital Butter Dish, $35, still a part of their inventory, was the main highlight). Even last year at this time, the selection on the website was limited. But my, how they've grown.

The website currently has a few dozen items to choose from, and they all fit the quirky, well-designed, and functional criteria. Well, perhaps the felt animals by Kiyoshi Mino may not be considered functional in everyone's book, but the Double Lug Bowls, the Tabletop Pedestals, and the Evening Wood Lamps certainly do.

So when you're shopping this holiday season, consider going small-batch.