We recently caught up with some of the winners of this year’s Design Visions competition, held by the Chicago Midwest Chapter of the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Judges’ decisions are based on many factors, including the degree to which designers have shown imagination in creating personalized, aesthetically pleasing spaces. We asked these pros how they masterminded their prize-winning renovations, turning clients’ wish lists into beautiful, functional spaces.

Click on a redesign below…

A redesign by Pamela Polvere   A redesign by Linda Larisch   A redesign by Gladys Schanstra

Pamela Polvere
From boring to bold


Linda Larisch
An everything-and-the-kitchen-sink conversion


Gladys Schanstra
From congested to airy and upbeat

A redesign by Pamela Polvere   A redesign by Gladys Schanstra   A redesign by Cathy Sparling

Pamela Polvere
Space that’s really smart


Gladys Schanstra
A powder room gets French polish


Cathy Sparling
A luxuriously spa-like modern bath