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Picture This

Decorating with art for the neophyte

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“Red Ropes,” oil on canvas, 17” x 17”

Michael LaConte

owner, Homey gallery

Paul Lorenz Colorful abstract oils; paullorenz.biz

Marketa Sivek Oil paintings in rich
colors, representational or abstract; marketasivek.com
Both available at Homey, 3656 N.
Lincoln Ave., 773-248-0050;




“it’s not you, it’s me” (detail), oil on canvas, 40” x 60”

Trisha London
owner, Zella Brown

Gabriel Mejia Studies of faces,
some in pen and ink, others in oil;

Matthew Sabo Dramatic color photographs of everyday objects; flickr.com/people/mattsabo17

Kimberly Creswell Colorful abstract encaustics and acrylics on wood;

All available at Zella Brown, 1444 N.
Milwaukee Ave., 773-276-1746; zellabrown.com


“Belmont Rocks,” photograph, 51⁄4” x 37”

Laura Soskin
Laura Soskin Design

Michael McGuire Panoramic photography of Chicago and natural settings; 773-528-4593; mmcguire.net

Frank Fruzyna Dramatic abstract paintings infused with color; 312-492-7711; fruzyna.com

Jeffrey Janson Black-and-white and natural-hued landscape paintings;
312-929-3144; jeffreyjanson.com



Photography: Peter Perrodin 


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