After years of carrying around a sketchbook filled with drawings of pieces he wished he could find, but couldn’t, interior designer Frank Ponterio decided to bring his sketches to life with help from local craftspeople; now the finished products are available for sale. The updated Chesterfield-style Agador sofa, with its cut-out center and bronze feet, was born out of a need to preserve a view from a room that Ponterio created for the Lake Forest Showhouse this past spring (next page). His Boudoir ottomans (in half-back and backless versions, shown as seating) were created for the sake of the same vista. Ponterio’s collection also includes a sconce and two tables, both “crafted as opposed to manufactured,” says Ponterio. “We weren’t looking to meet some sort of price point. Each piece is hand-built to achieve the finest possible quality.” Available through Frank Ponterio Interior Design, 312-464-1133,


Agador sofa and Boudoir ottomans as they appeared at the Lake Forest Showhouse

Agador sofa and Boudoir ottomans (with back, $1,050; without, $805) as they appeared at the Lake Forest Showhouse


Hand-forged iron Salon sconce

Hand-forged iron Salon sconce, $2,250.


Agador sofa in natural linen

Agador sofa in natural linen, $22,800


Photography: Alan Shortall