1. THE STATE-OF-THE-ART OPEN KITCHEN: Jade Range, a high-end kitchen products company, custom-made this cooktop for Izard. Features include 14 burners, a hardwood grill, a deep fryer, a plancha, dual salamanders (broilers), and a convection oven.

2. ARCHITECTURAL SALVAGE: A dozen or so vintage fireboxes will be backlit behind the bar. Karen Herold, vice president of design for 555, found them at Jan’s Antiques off West Fulton Market.

3. SYMBOLIC ARTWORK: This small painting by the Chicago artists and brothers Quang and Chi Hong hangs in Izard’s bedroom; it’s the inspiration for a larger, more whimsical painting that will be displayed in the restaurant.

4. THE ECO-FRIENDLY FLOURISH: The Chicago textile artist Anna Wolfson, of Wolfson Earth Finishes, hand-frayed 215 yards of natural burlap that will be laid up on the wall as a finish.

5. BURNED WOOD PANELING: There are wood accents throughout, but the most remarkable are vertical cedar planks—burned by 555’s design team in its South Side warehouse—that adorn the center wall.


Illustration & photography: 555 International