Growing up in Barrington and Streeterville listening to the Rolling Stones and David Bowie, Natalie Bergman—the 25-year-old female vocalist of the indie band Wild Belle—was influenced not just by their music but also by their style. “There’s always been a little bit of rock ’n’ roll that I’ve been attracted to since I was a kid,” she says.

The Pilsen walkup Bergman moved into a few months ago looks exactly as you’d expect: A bohemian lair of antique rugs, vintage furniture and musical instruments, and a large record collection in constant use. And, of course, vintage (or vintage-inspired) fashion. Here are 10 of her favorite things right now.


Rachel Comey pants

Rachel Comey Pants

(similar styles at
“I wore them on the Conan show.”


Loretta Lynn’s ‘Woman of the World/To Make a Man’

Loretta Lynn’s Woman of the World/To Make a Man

“She had real sorrow in her voice.”


1985 Mercedes station wagon

1985 Mercedes Station Wagon

“I had the same car in high school.”


Vintage blouse

Vintage Blouse

“A cross between Mick Jagger and Stevie Nicks.”


Diptyque candle

Diptyque Candle

($28 for mini, Diptyque, 1645 N. Damen Ave.)
“I love lavender.”


Homemade collage

Homemade Collage

“It’s my favorite form of visual art.”


1971 Harmony Rocket Guitar

1971 Harmony Rocket Guitar

“Cheaply made, but great sound.”


Gladys Tamez Hat

Gladys Tamez Hat

“I saw this on a shoot and bought it for my sister.”


Her bedroom

Her Bedroom

“The pillows are covered with fabric my dad brought back from India.”


Vintage sofa

Vintage Sofa

(similar style at Treadway/Toomey Auctions, 818 North Blvd., Oak Park)
“It’s groovy. I love the color and pattern.”