Brittany Campbell
Photos: Petya Shalamanova

Brittany Campbell moved to Chicago just last fall, but the Brooklyn transplant lives like a local. When she’s not performing in Hamilton as a Schuyler sister understudy, the 28-year-old—who also appears in Spike Lee’s She’s Gotta Have It Netflix reboot and has an R&B album, Stay Gold, out April 28—fancies vegan pastry, fringe jewelry, and subterranean nightlife. Here, her favorites.

Fashion staple

My Vegan Jadon II Dr. Martens. They’re 10 years old and literally have holes, but I won’t throw them out. I have like 15 pairs of Docs. It’s an issue.

Beauty regimen

I use Juice Beauty foundation and concealer. For my curly hair, it’s argan oil and Cantu leave-in repair cream. And after I wash my face at night, I use Rodin’s jasmine and neroli face oil.

Wellness essential

Manuka honey. When you’re feeling even the slightest bit of sickness, drink this and you’ll be cured. It has to be 15-plus factor to really work.

Cheat meal

The Chicago Diner’s cinnamon rolls. A vegan friend told me about them. I was like, “There’s no way they’re better than a regular one”—but they are. The recipe is online, so I’m not alone in my love.

Hidden local gem

Big Monster Toys on the Near West Side. It’s a factory for gigantic toys. You feel like you’re in Oz.

Bedtime reading

I copped a beautiful second edition of The Republic at Myopic Books. It’s a collection of Plato’s Socratic dialogues. People make fun of me that it’s my favorite, but it is.

Late-night hang

Schubas’s basement. It has a lot of parts, including this grungy, on-the-cusp-of-gross area with records on the wall. I had my first Chicago concert in there.

Acid-washed jacket

Acid-washed jacket

“I found this at Village Discount and painted the Jamaican dancehall scene myself.”


Brass, howlite, and turquoise earrings

Brass, howlite, and turquoise earrings

“They give me a mystical coolness. I call them my shaman earrings.”
$58, Nomadic Ant, 4604 N. Western Ave.


G&L Legacy electric guitar

G&L Legacy electric guitar

“It’s by the company Leo Fender started after he sold his original.”
$1,550 for similar,