Photo: Maren Celest

The local musician, 29, full name Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, makes hip-hop in the loosest sense, veering into R&B, electronic music, and even indie folk (as on his recent single “Flowers to My Demons”). He wrote and produced his album Brat, out April 3, using the multi-instrumental chops he honed in DIY shows in Chicago and suburban Lansing, where he grew up.

On hosting shows as a teenager

“I just started doing them at my house after seeing other kids doing it and being like, Whoa, I can book shows at my house and have bands come to me? Tight! My brother would usually make pancakes, and I would take all the credit.”

On juggling college and a music career

“I went to UIC’s electrical engineering program, and I actually dropped out a few times to go on tours that were offered, because I was like, When is this opportunity gonna come again? I kind of took every chance I got to not go to school. Which wasn’t a great idea, but I don’t really regret anything.”

On artistic selfishness

“I’m not an expert in anything except being myself. There’s really nothing that’s gonna stop me from making art I wanna make. It can’t be all braggadocious, it can’t be all narcissism, but it also can’t be all self-loathing and being sad about not doing enough.”