Otom dishes (from left): brown butter cake with plum ice cream; whipped cream risotto with olive oil-poached crab and basil; macaroni-and-cheese lasagne

It appears Otom will have little in common with Moto, the revolutionary restaurant that inspired it: no edible menus; no CO2 fruit; no desserts done up to look like nachos. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be good. Homaro Cantu tapped Daryl Nash, a veteran of Moto (and the U.S. Air Force), to run his “mirror-image” spot two doors west, and the menu looks promising. Everyone’s calling it comfort food, but it’s hard to imagine polishing off an entire mac-and-cheese/lasagne love child with pancetta and leeks dripping with a four-cheese sauce (pictured left; $14), and feeling remotely comfortable afterward. 951 W. Fulton Market; 312-491-5804.

Photography: Tyllie Barbosa