In her large-scale project Pink, Jaclyn Pryor, a site-specific performance artist, merges the age-old factory assembly line with notions of modern love. Since 2006, Pryor and her team of volunteers have been opening temporary "factories" in cities like Austin and Portland; from July 25th to August 16th, Pryor brings her assembly line of pink-, gray-, and white-clad workers to the old St. Paul’s cathedral in Wicker Park (2215 W. North Ave.). They’ll take requests to create love notes, put them in bottles, and send them out for hand-delivery by volunteer bike couriers. Anyone can drop by and commission a note; the service is free, with donations lovingly accepted. The point?  Pryor says the experiment helps explore how cities function during large-scale public works projects: Chicago promises logistical challenges, as couriers will deliver bottles anywhere in the city. This time, Pryor also aims to find a home for all of the missives started but not completed. "We want to compile and display False Starts—drafted notes that were pushed to the side," she says. Add a section for Lost Love (notes returned to the factory after two failed delivery attempts) and all the labor, missteps, and triumphs of love come full circle in a factory setting.


Illustration: Jesse Hora