Top Chef winner launches a celebrity brand

“It’s rustic, really nice, but with a bit of badass,” says Stephanie Izard about her long-awaited Market District baby. That’s just the sort of brazen statement we expect from the Top Chef kick-ass Izard. And she put goat in the name for a reason. Sure, there will be vegetables and seafood—Izard even went on a fishing expedition with her suppliers—but hers could be the first smoked-goat flatbread in town. Ditto for shrimp stuffed with goat sausage. But the whole braised goat leg with flatbread, sauces, hard-boiled eggs, and crisp onions, “the meat so tender they will be able to fork it right off,” sounds like the pièce. Meant for five to six diners, around $20 per—we’re there. (Only one goat leg a night; must order at least one week ahead.) 809 W. Randolph St.; 312-492-6262.