Your Monday’s Best

Schubas, 3159 N. Southport Ave., 773-525-2508
As you climb the stairs to the second-floor lounge at Schubas on Monday nights at 9:30, listen for laughter and note the faint smell of panic emanating from the room packed with fledgling comics furiously scribbling notes before their turns at the microphone. Local comedians Chris Condren and Tyson Karrasch started the event in mid-January as an homage to Your Sunday’s Best, the celebrated and now-defunct Black Sabbath open-mike night. The evening retains the best elements of its predecessor: a fast, clipped pace and a supportive vibe that allows performers to fail gracefully. Sure, you’ll hear a lot of bad jokes, but what’s in it for you is the potential to see the next comic breakout star while he or she is still in diapers—or the chance to down some liquid courage and do it yourself.