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Want Madonna’s red-carpet glow in 60 minutes? Her beauty secret is out: The Intraceuticals oxygen facial, now available at select spas in Chicago, gives skin an instant youthfulness in about the same time it takes to reach the front of the line at Garrett’s. Each treatment starts with a cleansing and an exfoliation, but unlike in traditional facials, where products are massaged on, the aesthetician uses a small airbrush to release pressurized oxygen (you’ll feel a light tickle) that infuses deep into the skin a superserum made with moisturizing hyaluronic acid, vitamins C and E, botanicals, and peptides. The first look in the mirror reveals much to smile about—a brighter complexion, faded lines, and a refreshed face that’s ready to see and be seen. While a series of six treatments (about $195 each) will bring the most benefits, one session is enough to do the trick before a big event.

Available at True Skin Care Center (845 N. Michigan Ave., Ste. 923 E.) and MySpa at the Fairmont Chicago Millennium Park (200 N. Columbus Dr.); see



Photograph: Jack Perno