If you haven’t found love yet, fear not-there are plenty of options for finding that special valentine. But it will cost you. JupiterResearch predicted that Americans would spend $516 million on online dating services in 2005. That’s quite a bit, considering that only 16 percent of single Americans are looking for romance, according to the Pew Internet & American Life Project. Here’s a sampling of services that can help you ignite-and extinguish-the flame. 
by Alice C. Chen

illustration of a woman
illustration of a man and a woman
illustration of a man and a woman with broken hearts
9.74 million
Single, separated, divorced, or widowed adults in Illinois in 2005*
Weddings in Illinois in 2003**
Divorces and annulments in Illinois in 2003**

Sources: *U.S. Census Bureau **Illinois Department of Public Health (most recent year available)

Meet Your Matchmaker

So you’re looking for a date. Do you…  

$129 … first-year membership
$85 … ten weeks of coed floor hockey
$115 … ten weeks of coed basketball
$20 … an evening of board games, trivia

>> One year with jdate.com*

>> One year with eHarmony.com

>> One year with match.com*

>> One year with IndianDating.com

*Package available in six-month increments

$69 … first night
$59 … follow-up event
$40 … follow-up event if you reach elite status (where 70% or more of participants request a follow-up date with you)
… one-year membership and at least 12 dates
… one year and a minimum of eight introductions with local matchmaker Elsa Malinsky
… one year with a personal matchmaker to accompany you out on the town and screen potential matches

When Love Dies  

$1,000 … ten hours of surveillance from All State Investigations to catch a cheating partner (www.94truth.com)    $125 … an hour of service with Lynn Torre, certified financial planner and divorce practitioner (630-858-8290)   $350 … one hour with collaborative divorce lawyer and mediator Brigitte Bell (312-360-1124)