What’s the significance of the name Rocking Horse? We just liked [it]. We’ll probably have rocking horses behind the bar but we’re not sure if we’ll have one for people to actually ride—we don’t want to be mistaken for a country-Western bar.

Will there be any resemblance to High Dive? The food is similar, but we’re expanding the kitchen and considering eventually putting in a pizza [oven]. Games and movies will play on four or five TVs; there’s a separate room for a pool table and pinball machine. There’s more space, and it’s a little more energetic [than High Dive].

What about the drink menu? We’ll always do a craft brew of the month for $3.50. We’ll have an extensive beer list: 12 to 16 on tap, $3.50 to $7, and 60 bottles, from $2.50 PBRs to $12 Belgians.

What will the vibe be like? We’ve been collecting old thrift-store lamps from the seventies. Dark hardwood floors. Black leather booths that seat four to six people. No rock posters like High Dive: more low lighting but very inviting. If we can duplicate what we’re doing at High Dive, I’ll be very happy. If I have to be there five nights a week, I’d better like it.

GO: Rocking horse 2535 N. Milwaukee Ave.