Duchamp's Kris von DopekAs told to Lauren Viera

“This semi–historically inspired cocktail combines elements of the old colonies: tea and apples from the Far East and rum, allspice, and Demerara sugar from the West Indies. Also, there’s a tip of the hat to the Portuguese with port. Cognac casks were brought to the Caribbean to distill rum—this drink uses Pierre Ferrand 1840. I chose the rums for their flavor profiles: Sailor Jerry has spice, Zaya Gran Reserva has vanilla notes, and Plantation Barbados has spice and wood. The acidity of the pressed apple juice activates your taste buds. It’s all about creating balance so you can taste every component.”

Makes one drink

1/2 ounce Sailor Jerry spiced rum
1/2 ounce Zaya Gran Reserva rum
1/2 ounce Plantation Barbados Grande Reserve 5-year-old rum
1/2 ounce Pierre Ferrand 1840 Cognac
1 ounce pressed apple juice
1 ounce freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 ounce orange-spiced black tea cordial (orange-pekoe tea steeped with dried orange peel, spices, and Demerara sugar)
1/2 ounce Noval Black port
Garnish with a small slice of blood orange, Demerara sugar, and allspice tincture (whole allspice and Wray & Nephew white overproof rum)

Shake the rums, cognac, apple and lemon juices, black-tea cordial with ice until the shaker is frosty on the outside; strain into a schooner glass or large wine goblet. Float the port by pouring it slowly over the top of the drink. Cut a small wheel from a blood orange, peel and all, and cover with an even sprinkle of sugar; apply 5 drops of allspice tincture. Using a kitchen butane torch, set the sugar aflame and ease the slice onto the surface of the drink. Extinguish before sipping.