Pocket Town map

High school

1. HIGH SCHOOL (2010)
Gary Comer College Prep’s neon-green exterior is impossible to miss. Last year, all 127 seniors graduated and went on to college.


Youth center

2. YOUTH CENTER (2006)
A massive 80,000 square feet, the center serves 1,000 kids a day and is home to the famed South Shore Drill Team.


3. YOUTH GARDEN (2010)


Grade school

4. GRADE SCHOOL (1999)
Where it all started: Paul Revere Elementary, the public school where a young Comer learned his ABCs



5. LIBRARY (2011)
The newest addition to Pocket Town, the Greater Grand Crossing branch sits on land donated by the Comer Science and Education Foundation.


New homes

NEW HOMES (2006)
The original plan for Revere Way was to build 90 affordable homes, but after 2008 the foundation capped the development at 60.

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Photography: Mike Schwartz