B.K. Park and Jason Chan

When Jason Chan (right, Urban Union) and B.K. Park (left, Arami) both found themselves at loose ends this past summer, it was practically a best-buds flick waiting to happen. The old friends teamed up for Juno (opening soon), apparently the restaurant of their dreams. 2638 N. Lincoln Ave.

You are both coming off bad restaurant relationships. Why will this work?
Chan: B.K. and I are great friends, and it’s what we love to do. It’s not about money. It’s all about trust.
Park: And I will make really great sushi.

What will set you apart from all the other sushi spots?
Chan: We went to three cities in Japan, to three in Korea, and to Jeju Island, south of Korea. We wanted five concepts that nobody else is doing. I think we accomplished that.

That sounds cool. Anything else?
Park: One Sunday a month, we will have a guest chef for a private dinner. Michael Carlson will be first.

What does Juno mean?
Chan: I said to B.K., “Let’s just name it after your son.” So B.K. combined two Korean words for “successful achievement.” A legacy for B.K. and his son.


Photograph: Anna Knott