This handsome boutique lounge in the Acme Hotel represents a sweet spot in Chicago’s craft cocktail scene: It’s got all the swank but none of the snoot. Though the Fifty/50 Restaurant Group's latest project is populated by River North’s more moneyed happy hourers (cock- tails range from $12 to $15), you would feel just as comfortable ordering a barrel-finished Old Money (bourbon, Aperol, walnut liqueur, and allspice) as a Hamm’s. (Or a Stroh’s. Or a Dixie. All are available on mixologist Benjamin Schiller’s Blue Collar Lagers menu.) Service is a bit pokey, but that’s a testament to the TLC poured into your drink.

Who’s there: 20- to 50-somethings with jobs. Lucrative jobs

What to order: The Dealer’s Choice: You pick the booze, flavor profile, and glassware, and your bartender does the rest