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The Ricketts family

Rahm rejected their ask for $200 million in subsidies to renovate Wrigley Field. “And guess what? Just a few years later [they] paid for the entire thing themselves, and they’re making out just fine.”


Adirondack chair
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Staffers who managed the Adirondack chair installation on the Riverwalk

“Six weeks later there were still no chairs. I called them again. They said they were still evaluating. ‘Okay. Stop evaluating now and go to Crate & Barrel and buy forty chairs today.’ ”


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Rocky Wirtz

“He threatened to cancel his plans to put the [Blackhawks’] training facility in the city as an act of retribution for not extending the tax break. I turned up the heat on him a bit. The Blackhawks’ new downtown training facility is really beautiful.”


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Bruce Rauner

“Our fight became personal and acrimonious. We started as good friends, but that is not how our relationship ended.”


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Former transportation commissioner Gabe Klein

“Each member of my team … had a homework assignment to bring one bold idea to the [former U.S. secretary of transportation Ray] LaHood meeting. Gabe had forgotten his homework.”


The federal government

“Slow and sclerotic,” “sclerotic, partisan, and broken,” “sclerotic, clumsy, inflexible, wounded, and weak, unable to move forward.”


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The Trump administration

“A disastrous anomaly,” “constant turmoil, shadiness, and sheer ineptitude,” “chaotic and incompetent.”


Trump Tower
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The Trump Tower sign


The Nation City: Why Mayors Are Now Running the World comes out February 25.