Amy Rule
Amy Rule
Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel is scheduled to attend the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner this Saturday, but it’s his wife, Amy Rule, who will be sitting at the better table during the annual event, in which news outlets compete to bring the biggest names in politics, government, media, entertainment, and the arts.

While spouses are generally seated together, Chicago’s soon-to-be First Lady will be dining at the ABC table with such heavy-hitters as Bill Daley, Eric Holder, George Stephanopoulos, Disney CEO Bob Iger, and actor Paul Rudd—while Rahm eats at the Chicago Tribune table with Ben LaBolt, his mayoral campaign spokesman. (As of post time, I was unable to confirm names of others seated at the Tribune’s table.)

People who know Rule tell me that she is not much attracted to the limelight. In numerous press reports about this year’s shindig, her name is followed by the phrase “wife of Rahm Emanuel.” (Rule makes history by being the first wife of a Chicago mayor not to use her husband’s name.)

Rahm has attended the dinner many times—back in 1995 he was described as a “Clinton operative …spotted in Chicago just a few days ago lunching with Mayor Richard Daley.” The Mayor-elect has also been in the coveted position of being on the receiving end of a presidential one-liner. (In 2009, when the dinner was held on the eve of Mother’s Day, President Obama said, “This is a tough holiday for Rahm Emanuel because he’s not used to saying the word ‘day’ after ‘mother.’”)

A sampling of this year’s celebrities includes Sean Penn, Jon Hamm, Courteney Cox, Mila Kunis, and Michael Kors. Also in attendance will be Donald Trump (at the Washington Post’s table). I’d love to hear what The Donald and Rahm might say to each other should their paths cross. Jeremy Piven, the man who plays Rahm’s brother, uber-agent Ari Emanuel on TV, is seated at Politico’s table. Ari, as I explained in this morning’s post, is Trump’s agent.


Photograph: Chicago Tribune