Construction has apparently ground to a halt on the 41,000-square-foot hilltop castle just outside Burr Ridge owned by the mortgage broker Nick Memeti. According to building officials from DuPage County, the project’s construction permit had expired twice, both times for "lack of required activity."(Memeti, the head of Freedom Mortgage, insists that the permit expired only once and is currently up to date.) In mid-November, DuPage officials said nothing had happened on the property for more than 90 days, but they had agreed to reopen Memeti’s permit for another three weeks. As Deal Estate reported in December 2006, Memeti was building the enormous home for himself, his parents, and hundreds of anticipated party guests. Since then, workers have installed some stone siding on the house, but otherwise the exterior looks much as it did more than a year ago-though Memeti says work has been proceeding indoors.