David Holmes, The Holy Pictures (Mercury)
“He’s a British DJ who did all the music for the Oceans movies (11-13), which is the only thing I liked about those movies.”



Animal Collective, Jan. 22nd at Metro
“They’re not necessarily my thing but some of the songs get to me, and I continue to go back and see if I can finally get into the spirit that a lot of my friends appreciate.”



Badfinger, Magic Christian Music (Apple)
“Nowadays, every band on a major label want to be superstars; back then, there was more emphasis on career. Bands knew how to make albums, not just singles.”



Frightened Rabbit, Jan. 24th at the Empty Bottle
“I saw them at Metro [in October] and really liked the show. They’re from Scotland. Nothing groundbreaking, just good songwriting, good lyrics, and happy performers.”



Sleepercar, West Texas (Doghouse)
“It’s Jim Ward who was in At the Drive-In, but it sounds nothing like that. I don’t want to use the term ’alt-country,’ but it’s rootsy. I saw them at MusicfestNW and haven’t stopped listening since.