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Top Doctors in Chicago: Glands and Organs

The best specialists in dermatology, gastroenterology, nephrology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology, pulmonary disease, urology, and endocrinology, diabetes & metabolism


MURAD ALAM Mohs surgery; skin cancer; melanoma; Botox therapy. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8106

VICTORIA H. BARBOSA Ethnic skin disorders; hair loss; pigment lesions; acne. RUSH. 312-407-0000

MARK ALLAN BERK Cosmetic dermatology; skin cancer; psoriasis; acne. MASONIC. 847-234-6121

JAMES FEINBERG Cosmetic dermatology; hair loss. UIC. 312-413-7783

JEROME M. GARDEN Skin laser surgery; facial rejuvenation; vascular birthmarks. NORTHWESTERN. 312-280-0890

JOHN T. KEANE Dermatopathology. CHRIST. 708-636-3767

ALEKSANDAR L. KRUNIC Mohs surgery; skin cancer; melanoma; dermatologic surgery. UIC. 312-996-8666

DAVID A. LORBER Skin cancer; acne. EVANSTON. 847-675-9711

MARY MASSA Cosmetic dermatology. RUSH. 630-968-4500

AMY S. PALLER Genetic skin disorders; immune deficiency (skin disorders); atopic dermatitis; pediatric dermatology. CHILDREN’S. 773-327-3446

ARTHUR R. RHODES Melanoma; melanoma risk assessment and early detection; pediatric dermatology. RUSH. 312-942-2195

CHRISTOPHER R. SHEA Melanoma; cutaneous lymphoma; pigmented lesions. CHICAGO. 773-702-6559



WILLIAM BAYER Diabetes; thyroid disorders; osteoporosis. DuPAGE. 630-668-3210

STEVEN BIELSKI Diabetes; adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid disorders. DELNOR. 630-208-6775

DAVID A. EHRMANN Polycystic ovarian syndrome; diabetes. CHICAGO. 773-702-6138

MARY ANN EMANUELE Diabetes. LOYOLA. 708-216-0160

PETER A. KOPP Thyroid cancer; pituitary disorders; parathyroid disease; McCune-Albright syndrome. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-7970


THEODORE MAZZONE Cholesterol and lipid disorders; diabetes. EVANSTON. 847-663-8540

LOUIS H. PHILIPSON Diabetes; hypoglycemia; cholesterol and lipid disorders. CHICAGO. 773-702-6138

ROY E. WEISS Cushing’s syndrome; pituitary and thyroid disorders. CHICAGO. 773-702-2373

PHILLIP L. WERNER Diabetes. LUTHERAN. 847-318-2400



ROBERT M. CRAIG Inflammatory bowel disease/Crohn’s; liver disease; swallowing disorders; diarrheal diseases. NORTHWESTERN. 312-908-9644

MICHAEL J. GOLDBERG Colon cancer; inflammatory bowel disease; pancreatic and biliary disease; endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography (ERCP). EVANSTON. 847-657-1900

STEPHEN B. HANAUER Inflammatory bowel disease; Crohn’s disease; ulcerative colitis; clinical trials. CHICAGO. 773-702-1466

DONALD M. JENSEN Transplant medicine (liver); hepatitis C; liver and biliary disease; liver cancer. CHICAGO. 773-702-2300

PETER J. KAHRILAS Esophageal and swallowing disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-5620

FRANK J. KONICEK Endoscopy; inflammatory bowel disease/Crohn’s; pancreatic and liver disease. SWEDISH. 773-871-4600

MICK S. MEISELMAN Pancreatic and biliary disease; Barrett’s esophagus; endoscopic ultrasound; colonoscopy. EVANSTON. 847-570-2030

GEORGE E. MORGAN Peptic acid disorders; colon and rectal cancer detection. EDWARD. 630-833-0653

CAROL E. SEMRAD Celiac disease; diarrheal diseases; malabsorption syndrome; nutrition. CHICAGO. 773-702-6921

HELEN TE Liver disease; transplant medicine (liver); hepatitis. CHICAGO. 773-702-2395

DAVID H. VAN THIEL Transplant medicine (liver); hepatitis; liver disease. RUSH. 312-942-8910

IRVING WAXMAN Gastrointestinal and pancreatic cancer; endoscopy. CHICAGO. 773-702-1459



RONALD K. HAMBURGER Kidney failure; hypertension. PALOS. 708-422-7715

SHELDON HIRSCH Dialysis care; hypertension. MERCY. 312-913-0110

MICHELLE A. JOSEPHSON Transplant medicine (kidney); hypertension. CHICAGO. 773-702-6134

ROGER A. RODBY Diabetic kidney disease; glomerulonephritis; lupus nephritis. RUSH. 312-850-8434

STUART M. SPRAGUE Kidney stones; metabolic bone disease. EVANSTON. 847-570-2512



AMJAD Z. AHMAD Oculoplastic and orbital surgery; cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; eyelid cosmetic and reconstructive surgery; tear duct problems. UIC. 312-996-9120

DIMITRI T. AZAR Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)-refractive surgery. IEEI. 312-996-2020

NATHALIE F. AZAR Pediatric ophthalmology; strabismus. IEEI. 312-996-2020

ROBERT S. FEDER Corneal disease; Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)-refractive surgery; cataract surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8150

GERALD FISHMAN Retinitis pigmentosa; inherited retinal disorders. UIC. 312-997-3666

MARK GREENWALD Pediatric ophthalmology. CHICAGO. 773-834-5685

THOMAS JOHN Cornea transplant and artificial cornea; amniotic membrane transplant; cataract surgery; refractive surgery. LOYOLA. 708-429-2223

MARIAN K. MACSAI Laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis (LASIK)-refractive surgery; cornea transplant. GLENBROOK. 847-657-1805

JAMES McDONNELL Pediatric ophthalmology; strabismus; retinopathy of prematurity. LOYOLA. 708-216-6756

MARILYN METS Pediatric ophthalmology; ophthalmic genetics; strabismus; retinal disorders. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-4020

WILLIAM F. MIELER Retina and vitreous surgery; eye tumors and cancer; macular degeneration. UIC. 312-996-6660

THOMAS R. MIZEN Neuro-ophthalmology; optic nerve disorders. RUSH. 312-942-3500

ALLEN M. PUTTERMAN Oculoplastic and orbital surgery; cosmetic face and eye surgery; thyroid eye disease; cosmetic and reconstructive eyelid surgery. ST. JOSEPH. 312-372-2256

MICHAEL A. ROSENBERG Cataract, eye muscle, and refractive surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8150

THASARAT S. VAJARANANT Glaucoma; women’s eye health. IEEI. 312-996-7030

NICHOLAS J. VOLPE Neuro-ophthalmology; strabismus. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8150

ARAS ZLIOBA Cataract surgery; glaucoma; external eye disease. PROVENA ST. JOSEPH. 815-741-3220



HOWARD M. BAIM Head and neck surgery; sleep disorders/apnea; sinus disorders. MASONIC. 773-883-1177

ROBERT W. BASTIAN Voice, swallowing, and laryngeal disorders. GOOD SAMARITAN. 630-724-1100

ELIZABETH BLAIR Head and neck cancer and surgery; thyroid and parathyroid surgery; salivary gland tumors; skull base tumors. CHICAGO. 773-702-4934

MICHAEL FRIEDMAN Sleep disorders/apnea and snoring; thyroid and parathyroid surgery; sinus disorders/surgery. MASONIC. 312-236-3642

ANDREW J. HOTALING Pediatric otolaryngology; sleep disorders/apnea; neck masses; ear infections. LOYOLA. 708-216-9183

PAUL J. JONES Pediatric otolaryngology. RUSH. 312-942-2175

ROBERT C. KERN Nasal disorders; sinus disorders and surgery; snoring/sleep apnea; taste and smell disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8182

JOHN P. LEONETTI Skull base tumors; neuro-otology; head and neck cancer; facial paralysis. LOYOLA. 708-216-4804

ERNEST MHOON Ear disorders; sleep disorders/apnea; head and neck surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-1865

ROBERT M. NACLERIO Head and neck surgery; pediatric otolaryngology; sinus disorders surgery. CHICAGO. 773-702-0080

HAROLD J. PELZER Head and neck cancer; swallowing disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8182

GUY J. PETRUZZELLI Head and neck cancer and surgery; thyroid cancer; skull base tumors; pituitary tumors. RUSH. 312-942-6100

GORDON J. SIEGEL Head and neck cancer; nasal and sinus disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-988-7777

JAMES STANKIEWICZ Endoscopic sinus surgery; rhinosinusitis; nasal and sinus disorders. LOYOLA. 708-216-9183

KERSTIN M. STENSON Head and neck cancer and surgery; head and neck cancer reconstruction; trauma; vocal cord disorders. CHICAGO. 773-702-1865

DEAN M. TORIUMI Rhinoplasty; cosmetic face surgery; reconstructive plastic surgery. UIC. 312-255-8812

RICHARD J. WIET Acoustic neuroma; hearing loss; otosclerosis; stapedectomy; cochlear implants. HINSDALE. 630-789-3110

NANCY M. YOUNG Cochlear implants; cholesteatoma; hearing loss; Baha implant. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-3020



ROBERT A. BALK Asthma; cystic fibrosis; respiratory failure; lung injury; acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS). RUSH. 312-942-6744


EDWARD GARRITY JR. Transplant medicine (lung); pulmonary vascular disease; asthma; cystic fibrosis. CHICAGO. 773-834-7235

HOWARD JAFFE Bronchoscopy; critical care. UIC. 312-355-1700

KEVIN L. KOVITZ Interventional pulmonology. DuPAGE. 847-498-5864

CHRISTOPHER O. OLOPADE Asthma; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); sarcoidosis. CHICAGO. 773-702-9660

MICHAEL R. SILVER chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD); lung cancer; asthma. RUSH. 312-942-6744

MARTIN TOBIN Mechanical ventilation; chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). HINES. 708-202-2705



CHARLES B. BRENDLER Prostate cancer. GLENBROOK. 847-657-5730

WILLIAM J. CATALONA Prostate cancer and disease. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-6126

ROBERT C. FLANIGAN Bladder, kidney, prostate, and urologic cancer. LOYOLA.708-216-5100

GORDON R. GLUCKMAN Prostate and kidney cancer; minimally invasive urologic surgery; robotic surgery. LUTHERAN. 847-823-3185

JAMES M. KOZLOWSKI Prostate cancer; continent urinary diversions; laparoscopic surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8146

LAURENCE A. LEVINE Erectile dysfunction; male infertility; Peyronie’s disease; prostate cancer. RUSH. 312-563-5000

KEVIN T. McVARY Prostate cancer and disease; erectile dysfunction; minimally invasive surgery. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8146

ROBERT PASCIAK Prostate cancer and disease; incontinence. EDWARD. 630-369-1572

LAWRENCE S. ROSS Male infertility; erectile dysfunction; prostate disease. UIC. 312-440-5127

ANTHONY SCHAEFFER Interstitial cystitis; incontinence after prostate cancer; female urology; urinary tract infections. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8146

GARY D. STEINBERG Bladder, kidney, and prostate cancer. CHICAGO. 773-702-3080


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