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Top Doctors in Chicago: Other Specialties

The best specialists in family medicine, neurology, internal medicine, psychiatry, allergy & immunology, geriatrics, sports medicine, and more


DANIEL ANGRES Addiction (substance abuse); dual diagnosis. ST. JOSEPH. 847-493-3500




LESLIE C. GRAMMER Asthma; sinusitis; drug allergy. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8624

PAUL A. GREENBERGER Asthma; anaphylaxis; drug allergy; hypersensitivity pneumonitis. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8624

MARK KAPLAN Asthma; allergic rhinitis; sinus disorders; chronic cough. LAKE FOREST. 847-855-1570

PAUL KENTOR Hives; rhinosinusitis; asthma. EVANSTON. 847-864-0810

DIANE L. OZOG Asthma; allergy; pediatric allergy and immunology. ELMHURST. 630-652-0606



BARBARA BURTON Marfan syndrome; phenylketonuria; lysosomal diseases; inborn errors of metabolism. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-4462

JOEL CHARROW Biochemical genetics; lysosomal diseases; neurofibromatosis. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-4462

SHERMAN ELIAS Prenatal diagnosis; reproductive genetics. NORTHWESTERN. 312-472-3636

JEANNETTE ISRAEL Cytogenetic and craniofacial disorders; genetic syndromes. CHRIST. 708-684-2529

EUGENE PERGAMENT Prenatal genetic diagnosis; Down syndrome; genetic preimplantation diagnosis. NORTHWESTERN. 312-981-4360

LEE P. SHULMAN Prenatal diagnosis; breast cancer and ovarian cancer genetics. NORTHWESTERN. 312-472-4151



ARVIND K. GOYAL Cholesterol and lipid disorders; osteoporosis; preventive and geriatric medicine. ST. ALEXIUS. 847-921-3683

SAMUEL N. GRIEF Obesity; weight management; nutrition. UIC. 312-996-2901

STEVEN ROTHSCHILD Geriatric medicine; chronic disease; diabetes. RUSH. 312-942-0400

WILLIAM A. SCHWER Asthma; cardiovascular disease; preventive medicine. RUSH. 708-660-3200



MARTIN J. GORBIEN Dementia; Alzheimer’s disease; geriatric functional assessment; palliative care. RUSH. 312-942-7030

JACK C. OLSON JR. Dementia; depression. RUSH. 312-942-7030



JEAN-LUC BENOIT Travel medicine; AIDS/HIV. CHICAGO. 773-834-1443

SUSAN E. COHN Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in women; women’s health; human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in pregnancy. NORTHWESTERN. 312-926-8358

JAMES L. COOK Mycobacterial infections. UIC. 312-996-8337

JOHN P. FLAHERTY Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); travel medicine; orthopedic infectious disease. NORTHWESTERN. 312-926-8358

DAVID W. HECHT Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); diagnostic problems. LOYOLA. 708-216-3232

KATHLEEN M. MULLANE Infections in immunocompromised patients; acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); antibiotic resistance; transplant infections. CHICAGO. 773-834-1443

J. PAUL O’KEEFE Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV); fungal infections; surgical infections; travel medicine. LOYOLA. 708-216-0160

BEVERLY SHA Acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)/human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) in women. RUSH. 312-942-5865

GORDON M. TRENHOLME Fevers of unknown origin; malaria; tropical diseases. RUSH. 312-942-3665



DEBORAH BURNET Preventive medicine; obesity; weight management; pediatrics. CHICAGO. 773-702-4582

RICHARD K. BURT Stem cell transplant in lupus, Crohn’s disease, and multiple sclerosis; autoimmune disease. NORTHWESTERN. 312-908-0059

THOMAS J. GALLAGHER Preventive medicine. HINSDALE. 630-323-3540

SUSAN B. GLICK Preventive medicine. CHICAGO. 773-702-6840

BARRY R. GOLDBERG Concierge medicine. HIGHLAND PARK. 847-433-1709

BARBARA LOEB Women’s health; diabetes; hypertension; osteoporosis. GOOD SAMARITAN. 630-963-9667

AUDREY M. TATAR Hypertension; asthma; cholesterol and lipid disorders; osteoporosis. NORTHWESTERN. 312-726-8800

PRENTISS TAYLOR Asthma; preventive medicine. CHRIST. 773-238-0800

JOHN E. TULLEY Preventive medicine. UIC. 312-355-1700



MARK J. ALBERTS Stroke/cerebrovascular disease. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-7950

RICHARD A. BERNSTEIN Stroke/cerebrovascular disease. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-7950

ALLAN M. BURKE Cerebrovascular disease; neurologic imaging. NORTHWESTERN. 312-944-0063

CYNTHIA L. COMELLA Movement disorders; Parkinson’s disease; restless legs syndrome. RUSH. 312-563-2900

CHRISTOPHER G. GOETZ Movement disorders; Parkinson’s disease; dyskinesias. RUSH. 312-563-2030

JAMES GOODWIN Neuro-ophthalmology; optic nerve disorders; neuromuscular disorder and vision problems. UIC. 312-996-9120

TIMOTHY C. HAIN Neuro-otology; balance disorders; motion sickness. NORTHWESTERN. 312-274-0197

DONALD LUSSKY Headache; stroke; Parkinson’s disease; Alzheimer’s disease. ELMHURST. 630-530-4449

MAREK–MARSEL MESULAM Alzheimer’s disease; Tourette’s syndrome; dementia. NORTHWESTERN. 312-908-9339

ANTHONY T. REDER Multiple sclerosis; Devic’s disease. CHICAGO. 773-702-6222

RAYMOND P. ROOS Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) (ALS); multiple sclerosis; neuromuscular disorders. CHICAGO. 773-702-7852

SUSAN M. RUBIN Multiple sclerosis in women; migraine in women. GLENBROOK. 847-657-5875

TEEPU SIDDIQUE Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (Lou Gehrig’s disease) (ALS); muscular dystrophy; neurogenetics; spasticity management. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-7950

NICHOLAS A. VICK Brain tumors; neuro-oncology. EVANSTON. 847-570-1808

ROBERT B. WRIGHT Myasthenia gravis; migraine. RUSH. 312-942-5936



PETER ORRIS Toxicology; environmental medicine. UIC. 312-413-0369



SANDEEP D. AMIN Supraorbital stimulation for headache; complex regional pain syndromes; cancer pain; pain after spinal intervention. RUSH. 312-942-6631

HONORIO T. BENZON Back, cancer, and neuropathic pain; complex regional pain syndromes. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-2500

IRA J. GOODMAN Pain management. HINSDALE. 630-371-9980

R. NORMAN HARDEN Reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD); fibromyalgia. RIC. 312-238-7800

NEERAJ JAIN Back and neck pain; reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD); shingles and post-herpetic neuralgia pain. HINSDALE. 630-794-9999

JOHN V. PRUNSKIS Back, neck, pelvic, and musculoskeletal pain; headache. ALEXIAN. 847-289-8822

LAWRENCE D. ROBBINS Headache; migraine; psychopharmacology; pain management. ROBBINS. 847-480-9399

SANTHANAM SURESH Regional anesthesia in children. CHILDREN’S. 773-880-4006



ROY ADAIR Spinal cord injury; stroke rehabilitation; spasticity management; electrodiagnostic medicine. CHRIST. 708-684-5428

WILLIAM ADAIR Spinal cord injury; fibromyalgia; polio rehabilitation. CHRIST. 708-684-5428

DAVID CHEN Spinal cord injury. RIC. 312-238-1000

JOSEPH L. FELDMAN Lymphedema. EVANSTON. 847-570-2066

GAIL L. GAMBLE Lymphedema; cancer rehabilitation. RIC. 312-238-1000

MICHELLE S. GITTLER Spinal cord injury; amputee rehabilitation. SCHWAB. 773-522-5853

MARY KEEN Pediatric rehabilitation; spasticity management; neurodevelopmental disability; autism. MARIANJOY. 630-909-7000

KRISTI KIRSCHNER Adult spina bifida; neuromuscular disorders; women’s health/disabilities. SCHWAB. 773-522-5853

DOUGLAS KOLTUN Brain injury, amputee, and pediatric rehabilitation. CHRIST. 708-684-5428

TODD A. KUIKEN Amputee rehabilitation; prosthesis control; gait disorders. RIC. 312-238-8072

TERRY L. NICOLA Sports medicine; electrodiagnosis. UIC. 312-355-4404

JOEL PRESS Sports medicine; back pain; musculoskeletal injuries. RIC. 312-238-7767

MARGARET M. ROBERTS Electrodiagnosis; women’s health; neurourology; incontinence. RIC. 312-238-4637

ELLIOT ROTH Stroke rehabilitation; neurologic and geriatric rehabilitation. RIC. 312-238-1000

CHARLES SISUNG Rheumatic diseases of childhood; brain and spinal cord injury; pain management. RIC. 312-238-1246

JAMES A. SLIWA Postpolio syndrome rehabilitation; multiple sclerosis; back pain. RIC. 312-238-4093



GERALDINE S. FOX Child and adolescent psychiatry; marital, family, and sex therapy. UIC. 312-996-9506

JOHN E. FRANKLIN Addiction (substance abuse); psychosomatic disorders. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-5060

PHILIP G. JANICAK Psychopharmacology; mood and psychotic disorders. RUSH. 312-942-7287

GREGORY A. TEAS Mood disorders; addiction and substance abuse. ALEXIAN. 847-755-8090



ELAINE ADAMS Rheumatoid arthritis; lupus/systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE); spondyloarthropathies. LOYOLA. 708-216-8563

ROWLAND W. CHANG Rheumatoid arthritis; arthritis; ankylosing spondylitis. RIC. 312-238-2784

JAMES J. CURRAN Rheumatoid arthritis; polymyositis; Sjögren’s syndrome; lupus/systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). CHICAGO. 773-702-1232

ROBERT S. KATZ Rheumatoid arthritis; lupus/systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE); fibromyalgia; vasculitis. RUSH. 312-942-2159

RICHARD M. POPE Rheumatoid arthritis; Sjögren’s syndrome; psoriatic arthritis. NORTHWESTERN. 312-695-8628



CHARLES BUSH-JOSEPH Knee reconstruction; cartilage injuries; rotator cuff surgery. RUSH. 312-243-4244

SHERWIN HO Shoulder, knee, and arthroscopic surgery; cartilage damage. CHICAGO. 773-702-5978

NIKHIL N. VERMA Shoulder, elbow, knee, and arthroscopic surgery. RUSH. 312-432-2390

GERHARD ZIEMER Pediatric cardiac surgery; neonatal and infant cardiac surgery; congenital heart disease. CHICAGO. 773-702-2500


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