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Heart & Blood

Cardiac Electrophysiology

Bradley P. Knight

Arrhythmias; pacemakers; atrial fibrillation. Northwestern. 312-664-3278

John R. Onufer

Atrial fibrillation; catheter ablation; pacemakers; defibrillators. NCH. 847-618-2500

David J. Wilber

Atrial fibrillation; arrhythmias; heart failure. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Cardiovascular Disease

Husam Balkhy

Minimally invasive cardiac surgery; robotic cardiac surgery. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Robert O. Bonow

Heart valve disease; coronary artery disease; cardiomyopathy. Northwestern. 312-664-3278

Michael H. Davidson

Preventive cardiology; cardiovascular lipid management; cardiovascular risk factor modification. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Dan Fintel

Coronary artery disease; lipid disorders; nuclear cardiology. Northwestern. 312-664-3278

Alain Heroux

Transplant medicine (heart); heart failure. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Lloyd Klein

Coronary artery disease; coronary angiography; angioplasty and stent placement; acute coronary syndrome. Gottlieb. 888-584-7888

James Liao

Cholesterol and lipid disorders; peripheral vascular disease; hereditary hemorrhagic telangiectasia. Chicago. 888-824-0200

David J. Mehlman

Echocardiography; heart valve disease; coronary artery disease. Northwestern. 312-664-3278

Stuart Rich

Pulmonary hypertension; heart failure; adult congenital heart disease; clinical trials; critical cardiac care. Northwestern. 312-664-3278

Matthew Sorrentino

Preventive cardiology; hypertension; hyperlipidemia; coronary artery disease; echocardiography. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Annabelle Santos Volgman

Heart disease in women; arrhythmias; atrial fibrillation; preventive cardiology. Rush. 888-352-7874

Kim A. Williams Sr.

Heart disease prevention; nuclear cardiology. Rush. 888-352-7874


Joseph Mandel Baron

Bleeding and coagulation disorders; lymphoma; myeloproliferative disorders; anemia. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Michael R. Bishop

Leukemia; lymphoma; bone marrow and stem cell transplants; T cell therapy. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Leo I. Gordon

Lymphoma; non-Hodgkin’s; Hodgkin’s lymphoma; stem cell transplant; mantle cell lymphoma. Northwestern. 312-695-0990

Timothy M. Kuzel

Kidney and urologic cancer; melanoma; lymphoma; non-Hodgkin’s. Rush. 888-352-7874

Richard A. Larson

Acute and chronic leukemia; blood, bone marrow, and stem cell transplants; myelodysplastic syndrome. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Robert E. Molokie

Sickle cell disease. UI Health. 312-413-8666

Sucha Nand

Myelodysplastic syndromes; myeloproliferative disorders; leukemia; non-Hodgkin’s; lymphoma. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Howard Ozer

Lymphoma; leukemia; colon and rectal cancer. UI Health. 312-355-1625

David J. Peace

Prostate cancer; vaccine therapy; leukemia; lymphoma; immunotherapy; bone marrow transplant. UI Health. 312-355-1625

Damiano Rondelli

Stem cell transplant; transplant immunology; hematologic malignancies; sickle cell disease. UI Health. 312-355-1625

Seema Singhal

Multiple myeloma; amyloidosis; plasma cell disorders. Northwestern. 312-695-0990

Sonali M. Smith

Hodgkin’s lymphoma; lymphoma; blood, bone marrow, and stem cell transplants; CAR T-cell therapy. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Walter M. Stadler

Bladder, kidney, neurologic, prostate, renal, and testicular cancer. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Patrick Joseph Stiff

Bone marrow transplant; leukemia; ovarian cancer; vaccine therapy. Loyola. 888-584-7888

Wendy Stock

Leukemia; blood and bone marrow transplants; cancer in adolescents and young adults. Chicago. 888-824-0200

Jane Norma Winter

Lymphoma; non-Hodgkin’s; Hodgkin’s lymphoma; bone marrow transplant; Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Northwestern. 312-695-0990

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