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Solo Acts

We think they’re stars in their own right: meet Chicago’s cast of singles 2007, envisioned as characters from iconic films. But there’s more to these scene-stealers than pretty faces. From a top chef to an academic star to a police officer, find out who rocks out on air guitar to Rage Against the Machine, whose childhood nickname was GQ, and who has an artichoke in her pocket (nope, it’s not a pickup line).

Chicagomag.com brings you exclusive coverage from the hottest singles party of the year.

Chicago’s cast of singles in scenes from iconic films

Get to know these leading ladies and gentlemen.

Aimee Trottier

Alana Arenas

Bernard Berrian

Conor O’Malley

Cornelia McNamara

Dwight A. McBride

Eric Rosen

Erika Simmons

George Nahra

Grant Achatz

Jason Burrell

Jason Ko

John May

Lauren Massarella

Mary Di Brita

Nora Barry

Rob Betts

Sonia Hassan

Susan Carlson

Toni Pelaez


Photography by Jeff Sciortino

Hair and makeup by Susie Lee, Yolanda Moran, and Joyce Taft. Produced by Natalie Wood. Location scouting by Lorena Petani. First Assistant Eddie Pieszchala. Second Assistant James Exley. Styling and set decorataion by Heather Brooks.


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